US House Passes a Budget

Budget promises to reduce spending and deficits.


Today the U.S. House of Representatives approved its FY 2016 budget that tackles the nation’s deficit and spending problems while providing essential funds to America’s military and homeland security  forces.

“Washington, like you and I, must live within its means and this budget confronts those problems head on,” said Texas Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX). “We have presented the Senate with the cure for the Washington’s spending problem and hope they pass our message to the White  House.”

While President Obama’s recent budget proposal never balanced and costs taxpayers and additional $2 trillion, the House budget balances in less than ten years without raising taxes and cuts wasteful spending by $5.5 trillion. The Republican Study Committee proposal addressed the same issues and balanced the budget within six years and reduces spending by $7.1  trillion.

The House budget presents and fairer, simpler tax code which promotes job creation, fully repeals Obamacare and gives states more power to design Medicaid to meet the health care needs of the poor. This creates a future option for Medicare to help save that program for the long  term.

Brady also applauded the budget’s boost in defense spending which provides greater support than the President’s recommendations while simultaneously addressing the current spending caps and the threat of  sequester.

He added, “As new threats continue to emerge here and abroad we must make sure that our military forces and intelligence agencies are properly supplied and funded. We must also appropriately care for those who have served our nation, now and in the comings years, as we move toward an efficient, accountable federal  government.”

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