Vaporizers vs. the Popularization of Dab Rigs


Smoking has evolved considerably since it first appeared in society. Today, you have a lot more options when it comes to smoking that you might have had a couple of decades ago, and a couple of years ago even. People are taking smoking to a whole new level. While many understand the huge risks of smoking, they’re not ready to give it up and thus a solution was found to represent the middle ground. That’s how the phenomenon known as vaping surfaced. Today, more and more people are giving up regular cigarettes or smoking in favor of vaping which is not only the “cool and trendy” thing to do, but it’s also a lot  safer.

What makes vaping  safer?

There are multiple elements that make vaping an overall safer experience. For starters, there’s no smoke, which means that you are not inhaling all sorts of health destroying substances and chemicals. It’s a first, huge step in the right direction. On top of that, there are other quality of life improvements such as the elimination of odor and even aesthetic blemishes like the yellowing of teeth and curtains, and walls.  Those who have taken up vaping instead of cigarettes are very happy with their decision and it’s definitely a major health  boost.

The popularization of dab  rigs

Vaping is the trendy thing to do right now which works in the interest of everyone trying to be hip but also healthy. It’s a very fortunate coincidence that for once, the healthy option if the cool option. However, it is unknown how much vaping can remain the undisputed leader of alternative smoking. There’s a new kid in town, and he goes by the name of dab rig. The popularization of dab rigs is not something that’s swinging in full effect right now, but it sure looks like we’re approaching another smoking  revolution.

While not comparable to vaping just yet, more and more people are giving dab rigs a try. These alternative designs such as dab pens for wax are very appealing to people that want to try the newest way of smoking and to experience its benefits. In a way, the same people or type of people that have popularized vaping are now getting behind this new form of smoking, through a dab  rig.

Whether you’re only vaping through a vaporizer or you’re enjoying the newest option, the dab rig, the important thing is that you’re looking for a better solution. Regular smoking is seeing a significant decrease in popularity which only means that as a whole, society is approaching a fresher, healthier era where smoking hopefully won’t be the cause of such a large percentage of illness. For the longest time, it was believed that smoking and staying healthy don’t go together. It will be interesting to see if that theory will be debunked in the near future  completely.

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