Wearing Contact Lens for the first time? Follow these Tips

Making the switch from glasses to lenses? You must be excited yet nervous to make the transition. And if you are heading head first into lenses, you need to visit Pure Optical. Keep reading for more need to know tips about lenses.

9 tips you need to know as a first-time contact lens wearer:

  1. Keep calm when you insert them: Don’t think about the horrors of stuck lenses or lenses that get lost. First, lenses can’t really disappear and two, rewetting drops and soft forceps can get them out. Relax and wash your hands first and wipe them on a lint-free towel. Take your time to insert the lenses into your eyes.
  2. Always wash your hands: Avoid washing your hands with oily or fragrance rich soaps. The fragrance and oil can get stuck on your lenses and create irritation in your eye. Wipe your hands dry and insert your lenses. Remember to do this even when you want to remove your lenses.
  3. Position your lens: You may not know this but it is possible to insert a lens inside out. The trick to getting it right is to place your lens on your finger carefully. If it forms a U shape or a cup shape, you can go ahead and place it in your eye. But, if the contact forms of a U shape with flared edges, it is inside out. Just remember, even if you accidentally place your lens inside out, it won’t damage your eyes. You will feel a certain level of discomfort and you will not able to see clearly. If this happens, take it out and rinse it with your lens solution.
  4. Don’t mix up the right and left: Your lenses have to be placed in the correct eye. Make sure you don’t do this absentmindedly as this can cause blurred vision. Pay attention when removing and inserting your contact lenses.
  5. Don’t touch your lenses with fingernails: Cut your fingernails short so that they do not come into contact with your lenses. Fingernails can infect your eyes. Keep them clean and regularly file them so that they are not sharp.
  6. Replace them: Do not wear expired lenses. Always set a reminder and replace them as needed. If you purchase Contact Lens in Dubai, your doctor will let you know where you can get the particular brand from.
  7. Don’t go near water: Do not attempt to rinse lenses with water. If you’ve run out of contact lens solution, don’t try to rinse them out with water. Water contains bacteria which is harmful and can lead to infection. Even while showering or swimming, you should avoid exposing lenses to the water.
  8. Don’t use off-brand contact lens solution: If you buy Hidrocor lenses, you may be asked to use a specific brand of contact lens solution with it. It is important that you listen to your doctor and don’t switch as the non-recommended lens solution can cause an infection.

If you feel any discomfort at all, get in touch with your doctor. Do not attempt to remove stuck contacts if they are not getting dislodged with rewetting drops. And see a doctor if you experience persistent discomfort.

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