What Americans Love and Hate About Road Trips

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Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and kicks off summer vacation planning season. A recent Travelocity® survey of 1000 Americans indicates that the summer of 2015 could be shaping up as the “summer of the Great American Road Trip”. In this survey, 65% of those polled stated that they were more likely to take a road trip this summer compared to last summer. While it’s clear that low fuel prices are likely driving Americans to take more road trips, Travelocity’s survey also looked at why road trips are still a summer must-do when it comes to  travel.

Enjoying the  ride

While the majority of those surveyed replied that the destination is what they most look forward to, a full one-third of those polled felt that the best part of a road trip is the journey itself. This sentiment was echoed by a number of Travelocity customers who were asked what they loved most about going on road trips. According to one veteran Travelocity customer, sharing and enjoying their favorite music on the road by “making road trip mixes” is the best part of a road trip, while another noted that it is “…fun to pull over to random roadside attractions. Those usually create long lasting memories and stories that will forever commemorate the  trip.”

Automotive  annoyances

While making memories is key to a great road trip experience, those hours spent in a confined space can also magnify all sorts of annoyances. When asked about what person with whom they would least want to undertake a road trip, 35% of those surveyed responded that it would be “the fussy child”, followed by “the one who needs frequent bathroom breaks” (20%) and “the backseat driver”  (16%).

The call of  nature

Whether it’s to eat, stretch the legs, or take care of other “calls of nature”, those necessary rest stops can make a long road trip just a little bit longer. When asked how long they could go without needing to stop for a break, the average across those surveyed was 5 hours. However, when broken down by gender, the difference turned out to be substantial. While on average, women feel that they could go just over 4 hours between stops, while men claim that they can go almost an hour longer before having to pull  over.

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