What College Students Want

By wyzPREP, Special for  USDR

wyzPREP, the first two-way virtual tool that provides multidimensional e-learning for prospective business students around the world, today announced key findings from its first survey. Findings include nearly 90% of students want flexibility, innovative and interactive technology when learning and preparing for  exams.

“wyzPREP brings a total solution for time-strapped professionals looking to diversify their skillsets and increase their salary prospects,” said Todd Rothman co-Founder of wyzPREP and education veteran with over 18 years of experience in the edtech space. “My years of expertise in creating successful e-learning products and working directly with students in the classroom has shaped our unique platform, that is truly innovative and catered to students’ preferences. We believe study methods should adapt to hectic lifestyles, not the other way around. wyzPREP was developed in order to ensure success for every student across the globe, no matter their  schedules.”

With over 90% of respondents having taken a standardized test in the past, wyzPREP sets out to highlight the importance of test preparation for prospective students. In a highly challenging job market, results show higher education is essential in order to remain competitive within one’s industry. Over half of respondents (60%) work between 30 and 40 hours per week, which makes it nearly impossible to find the time to prepare for exams in a traditional classroom setting. Additionally, a majority of participants (87%) prefer to have access to on-demand study materials over in-person tutoring sessions as it allows for more studying flexibility, an essential requirement for most participants  (59%).

“Our first survey shows a huge need for customized learning methods,” said Damien Bullard, co-Founder of wyzPREP.  “Most students value peer to peer communication as it increases their chances of success, but struggle to find the time for in-person interaction. Thanks to our highly innovative platform, wyzPREP allows them to interact virtually, with both students and tutors, for a truly personalized learning  experience.”

The key findings of this survey show that the future of education lies in customized learning and flexibility, especially as it relates to standardized tests. As a pioneer in multidimensional e-learning, wyzPREP aims to provide the highest quality tutoring at affordable prices while providing innovative solutions to common  problems.

wyzPREP is available now at  wyzPREP.com.

About  wyzPREP
wyzPREP was founded by Todd Rothman, an 18-year veteran in education, as well as a pioneer in the edtech space, and Damien Bullard, a successful entrepreneur with a passion for innovation. wyzPREP is the result of years of trials and errors, successes and failures and a commitment to provide the highest quality product to students across the globe. As the first two-way virtual tool for GMAT preparation, wyzPREP provides multidimensional e-learning for prospective MBA students looking for real-time interaction with peers and tutors, as well as on-demand access to learning  materials.

By creating affordable training that is comprehensive, efficient and easy to navigate; the wyzPREP team is helping students worldwide receive the testing preparation they  need.


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