What Is The Texas Bathroom Bill?


Before a law becomes a law, it has to pass through the State Senate as a senate bill. When a bill has already been deliberated, it will be vetoed or enacted. However, this is a very long process, especially if a bill involves gender  sensitivity.

If there one example of a controversial bill that involves LGBT, that is none other than the Texas Bathroom Bill. This bill is a move to force transgenders to use public bathrooms according to their biological sex  classification.

This means that transgenders may no longer choose a bathroom classification which they feel comfortable. If they are biologically male no matter how womanly they have already become, they have no choice than to enter a male bathroom if the sex as their birth certificate as  “male.”

This bill is recognized as Senate Bill No. 6 which is sponsored by Lt. Gov. Dan  Patrick.

NFL Opposition to the  Bill

While both sides can claim grassroots crowdfunding success stories, there is big money behind the opposition. Many businesses in Texas oppose the bill because these businesses have already given their pledge not to discriminate lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders (LGBT). The pledge of support is called “Texas  Competes.”

By far, the most popular sector of society that is very vocal against the bill is the National Football League or the NFL. The organization is known to have opposed similar controversies such as when the State of Arizona did not pass the law that would recognize the birthday of Martin Luther King as a holiday. As a result, the NFL threatened to move the Super Bowl from Arizona to another  state.

Moreover, the NFL also opposed a bill that would force businesses to stop providing services to lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders on the basis of religious  beliefs.

Today, the NFL opposes the Texas Bathroom Bill for the same reason – to stop gender discrimination. This opposition gains support even from other religious groups as  well.

What the Pros Want to  Say

Those who support the bill have various reasons as some people who are simply anti-LGBT don’t want to let transgenders be given more favor than non-transgenders. On the other hand, religious sectors say it’s immoral to recognize their artificial gender because there are only two genders, and they are male and  female.

Others just don’t want to be with the opposite sex in one particular bathroom such as men being with lesbians or women being with  gays.

What the Opposition Wants to  Say

Opposition is not only found inside the Senate. They are also found outside as lobbyists and activists fighting for the rights of the  LGBT.

They say that every person should have equal rights. If the state has been able to allow businesses to ask for TABC permits in order to sell alcohol, why can’t they allow the LGBT to choose which is right for them? These are some of the popular stands of the  opponents.

Nevertheless, the bill is still a bill. Even if it gets enacted, opposition  will still appeal to repeal it, but it seems they will not let this to pass into  law.


The Texas Bathroom Bill controversy is not something new. In the past, there were many similar controversies involving gender sensitivity in relation to bathroom laws. Most issues in the past were about the segregation between men and  women.

Children were also involved in some other cases. However, the issue is a bit different nowadays as it involves a third sex. The Texas Bathroom Bill reflects the diverse thinking of the present society toward the LGBT  community.

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