What It Takes To Have A Healthy Relationship


Relationships are work, and it doesn’t get easier just because you’ve been together longer. Both parties have to be mutually invested and putting in the effort to make it a success. There will be many distractions that will try to get between you, but you have to be strong enough not to let them come in the middle of you  two.

The good news is that there are ways to have a healthy relationship and a solid bond. You can always be improving and mending, so don’t give up hope for a brighter future. It’s important both people read through these ideas and are onboard for it to work out in your  favor.


There not only has to be respect, but it has to be mutual. One person can’t always be dominating the other. You have to understand the other person and be willing to listen to their perspective and see it their way too. Show that you value the other person’s opinion and ideas. Provide your undivided attention and make eye contact when they’re speaking. Smile, admire and talk positively about the person to others. Honor each other’s requests and lend a helping hand if you see the other person struggling. Respect will get you a long way in a  relationship.


Express your love to your partner by supporting them. Even if you may not completely agree with their decision or choices, lend your approval and be there for them when they figure it out on their own that it wasn’t the right move. You’re not there to dictate what the other person says and does. Act as their rock and be supportive through thick and thin. Be understanding and use positive words when speaking to them. Let your partner be a dreamer and encourage them to follow their  aspirations.


A healthy relationship requires a strong level of intimacy. You need to build closeness in your relationship and trust one another. This means being there for him when he’s having trouble in the bedroom and requires a product such as Bathmate to improve your experience together. Be there for him and problem solve as a team, instead of making him feel all alone. The closer you are, the less awkward these types of conversations will be. You’ll understand each other and will want the best for the other  person.


Yelling at each other isn’t communicating. You need to be able to hold a civil conversation and state how you’re feeling without getting upset. Practice doing this whenever you get the chance and focus on what you’re doing right when exchanging words with your partner. It’s best to communicate when you have each other’s full attention and aren’t distracted by your kids or work obligations. In a healthy relationship, you shouldn’t be afraid to express how you feel and be completely honest with the other person. It takes time to get this one right, so continue to work at it and give each other feedback on the other’s  approach.


Just like you set boundaries at work, you have to do the same in your relationship. It’s necessary to have your personal space and not have your partner always poking around and being nosy. Build trust with each other and you won’t have to cross boundaries. Be upfront and let the other person know what you do and don’t like from a partner. Express your ideal boundaries to your partner and agree to respect one another’s wishes. Remember that it’s necessary to take care of you first and the other person should respect  that.


Always look to compromise when you’re in a situation where you’re not finding a resolution. It’s better than fighting and will strengthen your relationship, instead of damage it. Go back and forth until you come to a conclusion that makes both of you happy. Compromising will get you further than if you both continue to put your foot down and refuse to budge. It’s going to require you to talk through the situation and may take some bargaining efforts, but be patient and you’ll soon come to an agreement you can both live  with.

Shared  Interests

There should always be room for fun and play in a healthy relationship. Make sure this happens by being with someone who has shared interests with you. While it’s also fun to start new activities together as a couple, you’ll want to have a foundation for a few hobbies that you both know you enjoy doing in your free time. If you’ve been together for a long while, it’s possible you’ve forgotten all the fun you used to have in the past with your activities. Get back into them and see how quickly you reconnect with each other and fall for one another all over  again.

Being able to say  Sorry

You both have to be willing to say you’re sorry when it’s necessary. You can’t always be right and push arguments under the rug. Each person has to be mature enough to speak up and apologize when they’re at fault. A simple sorry goes a long way and will prevent a situation from escalating. Don’t be afraid to tell the other person that you’d like an apology before you can move forward. They can’t read your mind and may not know that’s what you need from them. Relationships that struggle to exchange an authentic sorry once in a while also struggle to stay  afloat.

It’s possible to have a healthy relationship that’s filled with love and kindness. All it takes is finding the right person and both parties being fully invested in the process. Use these tips to help move you in that direction and create a solid foundation for you to work from. Be realistic and know there will be rough patches and times of uncertainty. Try your best and trust that it’ll all work out if it’s meant to be. At least you can say you did your  part.

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