What Should You Do If You Are Suffering From A Brain Injury In A Car Accident


There are a lot of misconceptions about brain injuries. For instance, many people believe that you have to be involved in a deadly road accident in order to suffer a brain injury. But injuries to the brain can be as a result of minor collisions too. Such misconceptions prevent accident victims from getting the treatment they need; and end up putting their lives in danger. The first thing you need to do when involved in a car accident is to seek  treatment.

Seek medical care  immediately

Going back to work or home after a car accident head injury is very risky. No matter how slight the impact was, you can’t take any chances when it comes to your life. Brain concussions can occur even with the slightest impact. Medical treatment will not just save your life but also help to support your claim should you decide to seek compensation by filing a  lawsuit.

Filing a personal injury  lawsuit

If your brain injury was a result of someone else’s negligence, you will need to come up with solid evidence to support your case. Juries are very compassionate to brain injuries that can be proven. However, you need to be prepared to open up your life when filing this lawsuit. The insurance company will examine your entire life. It will check your medical records from early childhood and even grade school records to try and show that you are either faking the injuries or you have psychological/medical problems that existed before the  accident.

Gathering  evidence

The evidence you will need includes medical records that are vital to the brain injury claim, photographs of the car accident, witness statements and police reports. If you did not seek medical treatment immediately because you didn’t have any symptoms, the doctor can state that your brain injury did not show symptoms immediately which can help support your claim. Think about witness statements like admissions during the time of the accident that support the driver’s negligence. For instance, the driver might have said that he didn’t see the car coming or his brakes are not good, which is an admission of  negligence.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer in  Ottawa

Handling the case yourself may never be a good idea. The insurance company may even try to contact you and record the conversation then use it as proof that there was nothing wrong with you after the accident. Despite the setbacks that a traumatic brain injury can bring, families and victims should seek legal counsel immediately if there is a high chance that someone was at  fault.

Recovery from a traumatic brain injury can be costly and slow. Some people even fail to recover from brain injuries. The victim may not have any major symptoms now but will experience them in future. Lawyers know how to make sure brain injury victims receive the compensation they deserve. You may rush to receive settlement from an insurance company without taking into account problems that you will only discover in future. Get started with your attorney quickly and you’ll get a fair and complete compensation for the brain  injury.

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