What You Need to Think about When Buying Roll-Up Fire Truck Doors

Not all that long ago, options for fire truck designs and features were highly limited. This generated quite a few issues for firefighters and first responders both on the scene and in between calls. Today, the industry has branched out considerably, and far more alternatives are available.

Benefits of Roll-Up Doors for Fire Trucks


Dozens of advancements have been made over the last several years alone, from pump technology to mechanical design. Among the most popular options to have entered the market, though, are fire truck roll-up doors. These innovative developments are bringing a wide range of benefits to the table.

  • Easier Access: Roll-up doors offer faster, easier access to storage compartments because they can be left open for the duration of an emergency call. Swing-out versions often have to be continually opened and closed to prevent them from swinging freely.
  • More Efficient Use of Space: Aside from a few inches of required overhead room, roll-up doors provide a great deal more interior storage space than their counterparts. Since they eliminate the need for side and bottom lips, even more square footage is available for vital tools.
  • Fewer Maintenance Requirements: Aside from routine cleaning and lubrication of side channels and occasional replacement of worn components, little maintenance is required for these types of doors.

These are only a few of the advantages of roll-up doors for fire trucks. They’re extremely versatile and can be customized based on individual need. At the same time, they’re considered a cost-effective alternative to the norm.

What to Consider before Having Roll-up Doors Installed


First off, it’s important to think about specific needs when it comes to roll-up fire truck doors. Though certain standard options are available, this is largely a made-to-order industry. Plan out storage and organizational needs in advance of having these types of doors installed. From there, other aspects come into play.

  • Security Options: Both manual and automatic locking mechanisms are available. While the former offers a bit more flexibility for security at fire and accident scenes, the latter provides greater convenience when time is of the essence.
  • Changes May Be Needed: According to one expert source in particular, certain modifications may be required in order to make roll-up doors work with a fire truck’s overall design. Though this isn’t an issue for manufacturers and installers, it should be kept in mind.
  • Be Sure to Specify: If you want roll-up doors on a new build, be sure to say so in writing. These aren’t necessarily standard options even on new models. Unless they’re specifically requested, the truck will most likely be equipped with traditional hinged doors.

In addition to these factors, it’s important to remember a certain level of preventative maintenance will be required. This is the case with anything making use of moving parts. Upkeep for roll-up fire truck doors is much the same as that of residential and commercial garage doors.

In a Nutshell


Although roll-up doors for fire trucks have only been on the American market for thirty years or so, they’re quickly gaining popularity. Those who already have them in place are spreading the word about their benefits, and those who have yet to have them installed are strongly pushing for this type of improvement. Keeping these considerations in mind will help ensure you get the most out of the investment.


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