Why Is The Problem of Obesity Getting Common Among The New Generation?

The problem of obesity has now become a worldwide concern and what makes it even worse is the fact that a large section of youth is affected by it. The problem of overweight has raised major health issues among individuals thus making them prone to several other ailments as well. This is the reason why there is a huge emphasis on the use of low carb whey products which are known to be helpful in fighting against the problem of obesity and overweight. These products are gaining popularity day by day because of the severity of the situation of obesity among  masses.

This article focuses on bringing out the major causes of obesity among the young generation. So without any further delay, let’s get  started.

  1. Food choices and eating habits: The major culprit in the scenario of obesity is nothing but the bad food choices of individuals along with their poor eating habits. The prevalent consumption of junk food and sugar products makes it difficult for the people to realize the amount of damage they are causing to their own self. These food products are often rich in fat along with having high sugar content in them, thus making them totally unhealthy for the body. Still, it is not rare to find people stuffing their bellies with burgers, fries, coke and what not.
  2. Lack of physical activity: We have to simply admit the fact that technology has not only made our lives easier but has also made us lazier and more dependent than before. This is the reason why children are more interested in spending hours before the PlayStation rather than putting on their sports shoes and going to the playground. This tendency of reduced physical activity is one of the main reasons for the increasing problem of obesity among young individuals.
  3. Ignorance of parents: One can’t deny the fact that ignorance of parents towards the habits and behavior of their children plays an important role in determining the quality of their life. These days it can be seen that parents are rather careless when it comes to paying attention to what their children are eating, which physical activities they are involved in, how much time they spend in front of the television and other such concerns. This carelessness from the side of parents causes children to continue their unhealthy habits and therefore remain clutched in the hands of obesity.
  4. Genetics: Genetics also tends to play an important role when it comes to deciding whether the child will be obese or not. Some of the genes transferred from parents can result in elevated risk of obesity and overweight among children. While it seems to be completely out of the hands, the truth is that healthy food habits can somehow help to fight the problem of obesity.

There is a huge list of health problems related to obesity and sadly it is also related to a high mortality rate. This is something to be extremely focused on so as to ensure the health of the new generation. The implementation of healthy food habits along with the emphasis on including more physical activity in the daily routine is needed in order to truly handle this situation. Otherwise, obesity will keep taking innocent lives like  always.

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