Winners of "2013-2014 Top Brands from China" Announced


Today, winners of “2013-2014 Top Brands from China” were announced by International Data Group (IDG), during international Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Under the spotlight of nearly 400 media outlets from all over the world and the global consumer electronics industry, ten Chinese consumer electronics enterprises received the trophy for “2013-2014 Top Brands from China” from Mr. Michael Friedenberg, CEO of IDG, becoming well-deserved stars today. At the same time, winners of the “2013-2014 Global Intelligent Interconnection Devices Brands Top 10” were announced onsite, as another highlight of the award ceremony. Currently, under the brand new Internet tidal wave, the industry structure of global consumer electronics experiences a new revolution, whereby Chinese brands change themselves for intelligent and high-end development. Benefiting from appraisal and selection for Chinese leading brands of consumer electronics, Chinese consumer electronics enterprises obtain an opportunity to show themselves to the world and present to the world the Chinese technical strength and outstanding quality.

Sponsored by IDG, collaborated with IDC (International Data Corp., a market investigation and survey authority) and other professional institutions, up to now the appraisal for “Top Brands from China” has been successfully been held for eight times, and this year’s theme is “Cloud internet changes the world, intelligent application Promotes brand”. The grand award ceremony is held during the annual CES and the winners are announced on CES Daily and TWICE. Therefore, this activity is honored as the “Oscar for the Chinese Consumer Electronics Industry.” Chinese consumer electronics brands are comprehensively sorted and appraised based on new growth opportunities brought about by cloud technology, big data and other emerging Internet technologies to realize intelligent innovation and upgrade. By the eight-month appraisal and selection, ten enterprises including Haier, Hisense, Changhong, TCL, Lenovo, Great Wall, BOE, Desay, ZTE, and more finally stood out from 22 candidates, becoming the leaders in the new Chinese consumer electronics enterprises. Meanwhile, in the event, TCL won the “Annual Global Innovative Smart TV Award,” Hisense received the “Annual Best Global Internet TV Award,” Changhong the “Intelligent Household Appliances Application Innovation Award” and “Industry Design Innovation Award,” and BOE achieved the “Annual Display Technology Innovation Award” and Bens “Annual Innovation Award.”

Beside the award ceremony, sponsors also held and IDC and GFK presided over the “International Consumer Electronics Industry Leaders’ Summit” and “Global Intelligent Terminal Summit,” in which Liu Tibin (Vice Chairman and General Manager of Changhong Group), Liang Qichun (TCL Corporation Assistant President & General Manager of Brand Innovation Center),Zhang Yu (Vice President of BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.), Chen Xudong (Senior Vice President and China Regional Director of Lenovo), Zeng Xuezhong (EVP and Head of the Mobile Devices Division of ZTE), Zhang Guangqiang (Vice President of Coolpad) and other executives from enterprises winning the title of Chinese top CE brands and global intelligent interconnection devices top brands, Hugo Shong (IDG Executive Vice President), Jennifer Xu (Vice President of IDG Asia) and other guests participated in the summits with the themes of “Cloud internet changes the world, intelligent application Promotes brand” and “Intelligence opens up the Future in the Mobile Internet Age,” exchanging opinions on application of Internet technologies to internal management of enterprise, brand image, product function, sales promotion, and relationship of application of multi-dimensional intelligence and other problems, discussing and analyzing sustainable competitiveness and integrate ability to achieve global branding and long term growth.

With the rapid arrival of the third industrial revolution, the world is in an age featuring new technologies, rapid development and integration of new industries. Internet of things, cloud computing and mobile Internet have already been and will always be the outstanding feature of development of a new-generation information technology. The continuous innovation and improvement of such technologies promote rapid development of the global consumer electronics industry but also provide an opportunity for reconstructing pattern of the global consumer electronics industry. Under the guidance of a new generation of information technology, the new age of consumer electronics features intelligence, cloud technology, lightness, thinness and high speed. “Cloud + terminal” become a new direction for development of the global consumer electronics industry. More and more consumer electronics products will be subject to integration with the promotion of cloud development.

It can be said that the Internet age changes the development mode of traditional consumer electronics industry, and thus the original system of the global consumer electronics industry will be remodeled. In such general industrial trend, integration of consumer electronics industry and emerging Internet technology is imperative. Manufacturers dominating the market are gradually marginalized, while cloud platforms which collect and process data are becoming the key power leading overall industry development. Chinese consumer electronics enterprises can only practically improve core competence and brand competitiveness only when they take their own advantage into consideration and endeavor to promote integration of industry chains from “terminal” to “cloud”, change the previous “hardware” profit model to “hardware + contents + service” profit model, and endeavor to form a new industrial value chain by virtue of the model based on integration and innovation of emerging IT technology and industry, and thus promoting sound development of Chinese consumer electronics industry.

The future development is brilliant with the size of the global consumer electronics market exceeding one thousand billion in 2013, turning around the situation in 2012 when the size unexpectedly decreased by 1% compared with the same period of last year. Nowadays, the global consumer electronics industry has already been in an age of interconnection. China makes great effort in developing cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and other new-generation of information technologies as the strategic emerging industry, whereby it is believed that the arrival of the “cloud age” will be a new development opportunity for the Chinese consumer electronics industry. Appraisal and selection activity for “Top Brands from China” provides a stage for Chinese brands to wholly show technological strengths. In the new industrial trend, such activity promotes Chinese brands to realize new intelligent innovation and upgrade and create an excellent opportunity for Chinese brands to get to the high ground in the globalization market.

Onsite of award ceremony, Mr. Michael Friedenberg said, “Currently, cloud technology spreads through the world at an amazing speed. To keep up with the general trend of global technology development, more and more Chinese brands are expanding their ranges of service and continuously improving properties of products, while Chinese consumer electronics brands have gradually become the main force and star products in the global consumer electronics industry. Our appraisal and selection activities for the “Top Brands from China” aim to fully show enterprise styles of Chinese brands to the world and to further improve mixed ability of sustainable development of Chinese brands and thus promoting future development of the Chinese consumer electronics industry. Meanwhile, by the CES platform, Chinese consumer electronics enterprises have the opportunity to collectively show enterprise brands and present to the world the outstanding quality, wisdom and ideology of international brands.”

Gan Xuezhi, President of the trading company of Haier in U.S., said, “It is exciting that Haier won the title of “Top Brands fromChina” for the eighth time. Currently, mobile Internet and intelligent application become the mainstream trend of the whole consumer electronics industry development. As the global No.1 large household appliance brand, Haier endeavors to develop into a total solution provider for digital home and intelligent service by development arrangement, integration of global resources, and brand new Internet technology convergence, and continuously creates brand values in practice.”

Cheng Kaixun, Vice President of Hisense Group, said, “we are grateful to IDG for recognition of Hisense’s success, and meanwhile, it’s an honor for Hisense to win the individual award of “Annual Global Best Internet TV Award.” Hisense adopts a development strategy, establishing enterprise by technology and sound operation. Since 2011, Hisense has been adopting intelligence strategies. In this year, it releases VIDAA TV, the fastest smart television in terms of operation speed. This new generation of smart television, developed and manufactured by Hisense Group, is equipped with 38 innovative technologies, realizing brand new experiences of easy application and rapid switch. With such epoch-making product, Hisense announces that “simpleness” will truly become the new direction of smart TV.”

Liu Tibin, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Changhong Group, said, “It’s an honor for Changhong to present at the award ceremony stage again in this year and win two individual awards – “Intelligent Household Appliances Application Innovation Award” and “Industry Design Innovation Award.” In last year, Changhong adopted a new strategy of intelligence, networking and collaboration, deeply integrating industry chains including television, refrigerator and air conditioning, adhered to the intelligence strategy and brought into intellectualization in each branch of household appliances industries, and thus completing the comprehensive intelligence development arrangement. In the future, Changhong will actively strengthen the change from its original business to Internet business, for the purpose of stimulating the development of consumer electronics businesses originally owned by Changhong, including household appliances, mobile phone and information, in the Internet age, and thus obtaining new competitiveness in the consumer market.”

Li Dongsheng, Chairman of TCL Group, said, “With rapid development of cloud computing, Internet of things, mobile Internet and other new technologies, Chinese electronics enterprises are at a critical stage of new industrial structure adjustment and product technology innovation. It’s an honor for TCL to be one of Top Brands from China and win “Annual Global Innovative Smart TV Award. In the future, TCL will continue to optimize cloud industry chain and overall cloud ecology arrangement, and comprehensively integrate hardware, software, technology, contents, service and other internal resources of enterprises, and external resources of industry alliance, strategic partner and etc., promoting common prosperity of cloud ecosphere and upstream and downstream of the industry chain.”

Chen Xudong, Senior Vice President and China Regional Director of Lenovo, said that with the rapid development of Internet technologies, requirement for cloud interconnection and intelligent application ushers an explosive growth period with wide application of mobile Internet device and mobile application in all aspects of life. As the leading service provider in the domestic IT industry and of consumer electronics, Lenovo will continue to implement “PC + idea” in depth, improving core competence and brand influence of the enterprise, and thus becoming a world leading company of personal technology products and cloud equipment.

Zhou Gengshen, President of Great Wall, said that “currently, the global consumer electronics industry is in a new period of great revolution and adjustment, which will influence computer, mobile phone, household appliances and other industries. Free flow of digital content will become the main direction of consumer electronics products. Great Wall Computer will take its advantage into consideration and endeavor to promote integration of the industry chain from “terminal” to “cloud”, and make great effort in forming a new industrial value chain by virtue of the model based on integration and innovation of technology and industry, and thus promoting core competence and brand competitiveness of the enterprise.”

Zhang Yu, Vice President of BOE, said that as the only high-tech enterprise that completely masters core technologies of panel display in Mainland China, BOE, by virtue of years of careful development in the panel display field, is selected as one of the brands Top 10 and wins the “Annual Display Technology Innovation Award.” It is an honor for BOE to win the two awards that is recognition of BOE’s adherence to independent innovation. BOE will always take R&D and innovation ability and product quality of enterprise as the core for brand building, and promote sustainable development of Chinese panel display industry.

Jiang Jie, Chairman and President of Desay Group, said that Desay wins the honor of the “Top Brands from China” which is recognition of the market and consumer for Desay. For a long time, Desay has always adhered to the operation principle of “core focusing, combination between industry and finance, benefit first,” kept up with the technology tidal wave and made innovation, developed by innovation, guided its future development by technology, and thus achieving a sound and sustainable development.

Zeng Xuezhong, EVP and Head of the Mobile Devices Division of ZTE, said that with deep development of mobile Internet, the global consumer electronics market experiences change and adjustment of market status; thanks to ZTE’s adherence to continuous accumulation of R&D of technology and its keen awareness of technology innovation and pioneering practice, it becomes one of the “Top Brands from China.” In the future, ZTE will form a personal intelligent ecosphere with focus on smart phone, realize digitization for individuals and household, and make seamless connection and resources sharing between individual, household and office available at all times, and provide users with comprehensive intelligence experience.

Currently, global industry environment changes deeply, being driven by brand new information interconnection technology. It is believed that, Chinese consumer electronics enterprises, forming the biggest consumer electronics market in the world, will certainly find an intelligent development way suitable for their own brands, realize new intelligence innovation and upgrade and improve international competitive advantage. Let us focus on the appraisal for “Top Brands from China” and witness the power of Chinese brands!

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