You, Her and Her Kid: Peaceful Coexistence

In the 21st century, finding a single woman with a child is pretty simple. For various reasons, mothers raise their children alone. Often men, having learned about a child on a date, begin to fear responsibility and therefore end the relationship.

Who is She?

Independent mothers are women who do not just raise children. Their whole life is built on this. They do not forget about themselves, but they understand that children have no one to count on except her. They are very vulnerable, although they can hide behind a mask of cynicism and absolute independence. Tired of worries, they want to meet the man of their whole life. You can meet them at, and communicate with them.  You cannot seek their location through children for the sake of one night, but if the intentions are serious, then by relations with children, you can make her understand this. 

How to Win the Heart of Such a Woman?

If suddenly someone thinks that marriage is behind him and the presence of children reduces a woman’s choice of a man for a new relationship, then this is wrong. If you can be such a man you can meet her online. As the saying goes, if a man loves a woman, he will love her children. How can you win the heart of such a woman?

  1. The first thing a man should remember is that you cannot ask unnecessary questions. “Who and where is the father?”, “Why did you break up?”, “Does he pay alimony?” – these are tactless questions, and only an ill-mannered person can ask them, especially at the beginning of an acquaintance. If a woman wants to tell you her story, she will do it even at our site without a nudge and at the right time.
  2. The second rule is: do not ask a woman to invite you to her home and introduce you to the child, especially if you do not count on a serious relationship. If a woman realizes that your intentions are serious about her, she will invite you to visit and introduce you.
  3. You met a child, but he turned out to be a spoiled egoist who only plays computer games, is rude, and does not help his mother. Do not jump to conclusions, perhaps, the family just lacked a strong male hand that you can become.

What are the Pros to Being With such a Woman?

  • She has already built relationships 

Most mothers who raise a child on their own were once married or in a serious relationship. She knows what it is like to live together, get along with each other, make compromises and accept a partner’s shortcomings. She is ready for these difficulties. She knows how cool it is to live together. 

  •  She doesn’t want a baby right now 

Just because she already has one. She went through the whole game and completed the most difficult level: she gave birth to a living person and he is still alive. Pregnancy and childbirth are the past stages. And even if she wants more children, she will not demand them this second.  

  •  You can find out what kind of father you are 

Honestly, men are afraid of paternity. Because they don’t understand fatherhood in the spirit of “The child is well-fed, healthy, asleep with his teeth against the wall – okay”. And a woman with a child will allow you to try yourself in this incarnation. No, not to test the beta version before giving birth to your own “real” child, but to try to become a father to an adult, reasonable person with whom you can negotiate.

It should be said that women with children manage to find a couple much faster than girls who have never been married. It can be said with confidence that for a normal man (without the previous painful experience with a woman with children), having a child with a girl is her dignity, not a flaw.

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