Your Trusted Associate for High-Quality Professional Translation Services

At Universal Translation Services, we provide quick, precise and accurate professional translation services. We specialize in all essential language orders, and often translate documents in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Norwegian and  Finnish.

Opposite to most online translation companies, we go only with a selected group of more than 200 expert translators with industry-specific experience and knowledge. By working with an expert pool of translators, we can control the production process and offer the high-quality professional translation services that you  expect.

Universal Translation Services can provide your business with a service of assured quality for all your translation requirements, with the most competitive charges in the language translation  industry.

Our areas of industry expertise in translation services are legal, medical, banking & finance, engineering, manufacturing &  telecommunications.

We translate contracts, investment prospects, annual reports, corporate and commercial brochures, marketing material, technical specifications, medical records, clinical trial protocols, scientific research, user manuals, patents, patent claims and other documents into many languages. One of our main specializations is from and into English translation  services.

How to Recognize a Professional  Translator?

Many translators are offering their services in the market. It’s not easy to find the right or professional translator and guarantee good quality results. So let us handle it! When you contact a translation agency, its role is to find for you the most appropriate translator for your project. At Universal Translation Services, we only employ experienced, qualified and examined translators. They’ve been selected in advance based on their training, experience and their area of specialization. Thus, whether you need a legal translation, scientific translation or a medical translation, our experts are 24/7 at your  service.

Every translator within our team is incredibly dedicated within their area and only translates into their native language, ensuring that no nuances, expressions, meanings or marketing messages ever get lost in  translation.

  • Fast Delivery

If your project is urgent, let our team know, and we will push to deliver within your time limit. No rush hours for the quick delivery translation  project.

  • Highly Competitive  Rates

We provide competitive and reasonable rates without ever ignoring quality or professionalism of the  work.

  • Quality Service

Customer support and care and quality of service are at the core of our industry, which is why working with us is trouble-free and  stress-free.

One Stop Translation  Provider

Expand your business globally with a strong multilingual conversations policy! Our professional translation services effort to bridge the language barriers across different companies. Our specialized teams for each of the businesses make sure that we achieve the translation with the necessary  expertise.

Our Professional Translation  Services

Universal Translation Services is a translation specialist works with qualified and experienced translators with a high level of knowledge in their field. Our project managers act as the only intermediaries to ease communication and to offer simple, fast and efficient  services.

If you are also looking for a translation agency that offers only professional and accurate translation services, then UTS is the right place for  you!

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