2017 Fantasy Basketball Rankings and Betting Tips


Fantasy Basketball is so popular at the moment that you could play in a new league every night if you wanted to. If you follow the league’s religiously and know the players very well, you can even extend your enjoyment of this pastime in order to include betting on this fun pastime, and pad your pocket while you’re having fun  online.

Different Types of Fantasy Basketball Betting Options  Available

When Fantasy Basketball betting starts relating to online sports betting, bookmakers that are located on the World Wide Web start allowing you to place bets on the statistics players accumulate during each game. They generally provide Over/Under bets on yards, TDs and other statistics, which you can then bet on whether the player will be able to rack up more or less than what has been predicted. Fantasy Sports Bets usually pay out around 1 to  1.

Tips to Help Bettors Place Solid  Wagers

  1. Embrace  variance

Understanding the concept of variance and realising that losing is part of what makes a profitable player is vital. You are going to have bad runs, and have to suffer through tough breaks –this is the nature of the  beast.

  1. Put a bankroll strategy into  place

Many bettors have no bankroll management system in place. Although it might seem obvious to some punters, putting half your available cash into play on any given day is a bad idea. In most cases, bankrolls are managed so badly that punters are unable to calculate whether they are making any money in the long-term or  not!

How much of your bankroll should be used each day? This depends on how risk-averse you are, and what type of bets you are making. Most punters that frequent the betting sites Australia and the rest of the world have to offer agree that putting anything more than 10% of your bankroll into play on any given day is very risky –which means that this is the absolute top amount, and putting anything higher than that into play increases the threat of  ruination.

  1. Listen to  Vegas

While the oddsmakers may not always be right, they usually have a better idea on the outcome of sporting events than anyone else does, including so-called sports media experts and Joe Public. Checking betting odds should become a part of your everyday, and form the basis of the research you undertake before you start Fantasy Basketball  betting.

Point Spreads and Totals can give you a lot of info on how a game is likely to turn out: the higher the Vegas Total, generally, the more points that game will see scored. Since Fantasy Lineups are based on this scoring, you should be looking into all the information  available.

Finding Good Odds and the Best  Bets

Thanks to the internet, finding good odds and the best bets as far as Fantasy Basketball is concerned is a lot easier to do these days. There are comparison sites aplenty, and these will point you in the right direction for the most excellent wagering  opportunities.

Don’t rely solely on your own knowledge and experience when it comes to assessing the probabilities of outcomes –make a point of learning how to undertake effective research and proper analysis, and watch how your assessments become more accurate on a far more regular basis as a  result.

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