3 Signs of a Diaper Rash and How to Treat It

Diaper rash is a rash that occurs in the genital region or behind of a baby and can be caused by many factors. Some of the things that can cause diaper rash are not changing them frequently, not using a baby balm, and having the diaper on too tight. No one wants their baby to be uncomfortable or in pain so a diaper rash is never wanted. But, how do you know when your baby has a diaper rash and how do you treat it at home? Below are 3 signs of a diaper rash and how to make it better. 


The first sign of a diaper rash is redness. This redness could be on their genitals, around their thighs, or on their bum. The area is generally red, but may have small red bumps around it. The skin should not be bleeding, oozing, or itchy as this is a sign that it has really progressed and needs medical attention. If your baby is experiencing any of the advanced symptoms reach out to your health care provider. General redness however can be treated at home. 


Another common sign of diaper rash also called irritant diaper dermatitis causes mild irritation. You may notice that the area is tender, sensitive, or even slightly warm to the touch. All of these are signs of irritation. While your baby cannot tell you that it is uncomfortable, you can watch for their facial expressions and body language when you touch the area. If it is red and your baby reacts to the touch of your hand or the diaper on their skin there is a high likelihood that it is a diaper rash. 

Change in Personality

The same way an adult may act differently when they are not feeling well, a baby can do the same. It can be even more frustrating for babies because they cannot communicate that they are feeling irritated. Diaper dermatitis can cause a change in your baby’s demeanor and personality. Notice if your child is acting differently and investigate if the diaper rash could be the cause. After you begin to treat the diaper rash you should notice them returning back to their usual self and being happy again. 

How to Treat It

There are many ways to treat diaper rash once it has occurred. There are many products out there including using a baby balm and many other habits. You will want to gently wash the area and allow it to air dry if possible or pat the area dry. After it dries you should apply a baby balm or ointment to soothe the skin and prevent chafing or further irritation. Make sure that the diaper is not on too tight as this can cause further irritation. Also, get in the habit of changing your baby’s diaper frequently, as the longer they sit in a wet diaper the worse it will get. If their diaper rash does not seem to be improving or they develop bleeding, fever, or pain with urination or bowel movement you should contact their doctor for further treatment. Also, continue to do these measures even when the rash goes away to prevent it from happening again.

Diaper rash is very common in your infants and children, but it does not have to be. Do not feel guilty if this has happened to your child, just focus on what you can do now to improve and prevent it from happening again.  The first step is to recognize the signs of diaper rash which are redness, irritation, and a change to their demeanor. Then you can take action steps to keep your baby dry and comfortable with fresh diapers and baby balm.

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