3 Tips for a More Efficient Fleet of Cabs

Fleet efficiency is vital for any cab company. It means ensuring that drivers reach their passengers quickly, that cars are kept in good condition, and capital isn’t unnecessarily squandered. This all equates to a well-run and profitable business, so here are three tips to help.

#1 Ensure safety

Fleet driver safety should be your top priority. There are several factors to consider. Accidents are one of the biggest risks and, while they can sometimes seem out of your control, training drivers properly makes a massive difference. There are plenty of driving programs available. These don’t just teach drivers better road safety: they teach them how to avoid accidents that aren’t their fault. This type of training protects both you and your drivers. It means that fewer cars are taken off the road, you don’t spend as much money on repairs, and passengers feel safe traveling with your company.

Other measures include taking out the right kind of insurance, replacing older vehicles with new and performing regular safety checks. Always keep up with maintenance like oil and fluid checks and pay special attention to tires. These degrade quickly on cabs (which spend much more time on the road) and replacing them early is a fantastic way to make your fleet safer.

#2 Use an app

All of the big cab firms around the world use apps to streamline and simplify the passenger experience. Uber and Ola are perhaps the most famous examples, but even the smallest local firm can develop an app to make their business more efficient. Basic functionality should include GPS tracking so that passengers can hail a ride from their current location without having to input any details. Driver tracking (so that the passenger can monitor their ride’s progress) along with an estimated time of arrival are both useful, too.

The option to leave reviews gives customers confidence in their driver, as do safety features such as driver information and license number. Apps don’t just make the experience simpler for customers; they help you too. A stand-alone app means that you don’t need to operate a call center, and you don’t need to employ a roster of staff to take bookings. App development is difficult but easily outsourced to a web development company, which will be able to follow your brief.

#3 Find the right garage

It stands to reason that vehicle spending a long time on the road will also need an extraordinary amount of upkeep. Even getting MOT certification for a large fleet can be a time-consuming and expensive affair. That’s why finding the right garage is essential. Compare prices but also services offered and reviews. Researching the competition to see who they use to service their cars is useful but forming a long-term relationship with a garage is even more important.

Garages, just like any business, reward repeat custom. You’ll be able to negotiate a better price, especially on bulk orders, which is important for a fleet. Get to know your garage, and once you’ve found a trusted name, stick with them.

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