5 Important Tips to Prepare for the SAT

Students all over the globe are taking college entrance exams before being admitted to the college of their choice. Because of the stiff competition that many students face today, the score that they make on these tests can make a huge difference between college acceptance and a denial letter. Preparing for the SAT is essential if you want to do the best you possibly can.

Tip #1 – Don’t Go in Without Doing Your Homework – Always Know What You Should Expect

Some people see the SATs as an art that they can easily master if they know what to expect. In fact, these students can do exceptionally well in their preparation if they are already familiar with the actual format. For instance, when you do your research, one of the first things that you will discover is that there are 3 primary sections that you need to be concerned about, and they are as follows:

  • Math
  • Reading and Writing (Evidenced Based)
  • Essay (optional)

Tip #2 – Devise Your Own Personal Study Plan

Based upon how many days you have to study before you take your SATs, you need to devise a customized study plan that will cover all of most of this timeframe. If you really want to master each section of the exam, you need to consider this factor in the study plan that you create. For instance, if you do very well in mathematics, you may not be concerned about studying hard to earn a high score on this part of the exam. However, if you do not do as well in English, the study plan that you make should accommodate this need by allotting a lot more time for this section of the exam.

Tip #3 – Take a Lot of Practice Tests

Also, never underestimate the power of taking practice tests before you walk into the real exams. Based on the score that you are trying to get, you need to know as much as you can about this topic. One of the best ways to do this and achieve the greatest results is to take a lot of practice tests. By taking a lot of practice tests, you will have an opportunity to answer your questions much quicker within the timeframe that is allotted. One of the basic goals is to answer as many questions as you can quickly and accurately before the test monitor calls time out. Also, once you know that you have mastered math, you can spend more time on taking practice English tests.

Tip #4 – Write Down Notes – After Taking the Real Exam

Another neat trick that some people may or may not know about is to write down notes quickly after the exam. By writing down this information and taking notes that you can look back on, you can increase your chances of making a much higher score, particularly for those of you who did not pass the first time. By taking notes that focus on questions and areas that you are weak in, you can focus more on these sections so that you can increase your SAT score.

Tip #5 – Learn How to Manage Your Time to Increase Your Chances of Success

Another huge part of taking an SAT test or any other college admittance exam is to learn how to manage your time wisely on exam day. Once you learn these skills, you can maximize the number of questions that you answer correctly, while also quickly eliminating questions on the exam that you do not know the answer to. Whatever the case, the practice exams that you take can help you to master these skills. For instance, you can use a stopwatch to time yourself to see if you will do well with the timing on exam day.

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