5 Signs Your Pallet Rack Is Not Safe

The pallet system is an essential part of your warehouse business. Imagine the amount of money and time you have invested in this business, can you allow it to go to waste because of minor issues? Then it is vital to keep an eye on the general state of your racking system. These pallet rack failures occur as a result of avoidable mistakes. Delve in to learn the signs your pallet rack is not safe and prepare for repair.

1 .Beam deflection

Pallet racking beam connectors should remain parallel on every upright angle. If the beams have greatly deflected, then it is clear that your pallet racking system is overloaded. The worst part is when the spacers distort or even break when loaded. Also, any visible deformation means that the system is overloaded and you need to call the experts to inspect it on time and do necessary repair.

2. Twisted Upright

If the upright part is twisted, shows damage, or cracked, it is essential to splice a new section or replace the whole region together with the footplate. Here, you can repair the pallet rack system without having to empty it. Let the professionals do the job for you.

3. Missing Hardware

In case you discover some missing safety clips or the pins keep dislodging, then your pallet rack was not installed correctly. Or still, someone might have struck it. Safety locks are very vital in ensuring that your pallet always remains stable. Therefore, if that is the case, get in touch with your pallet installer to replace the pins. However, if it is a case of someone striking them, then call the experts to repair the system.

4. A shaky pallet rack system

Well made pallet systems will offer higher performance and support heavy loads for a longer time without any problem. Therefore if you notice that your pallet rack is shaky or wobble when slightly pushed, then chances are the shims are missing. The good thing with the stable system is that it does not shake even when pushed firmly, so if you notice otherwise, call the experts to inspect it. A shaky or wobbling system will collapse with your goods and are a threat to your warehouse employees.

Sometimes the beams become too tight that you might need a harmer to move them. In such a case, the rack might have shifted at the point or is unstable. You can arrest the situation by replacing the shims or contact experts to do the job for you.

5. Bent braces

Another sign your pallet rack is not safe and needs repair is bent braces. When you notice bent braces, then the system is probably overloaded. The props play a crucial role in handling your goods; therefore, consider calling experts to have them repaired immediately.


You should always inspect your rack system for any signs before everything becomes worse. You can always:

  • Inspect frame anchors to make sure they are connected and undamaged.
  • Examine the upright columns checking for damages and dents from forklifts.
  • Look at the pallet rack wire or crossbars for bends, unwanted shifts, and bends.
  • Review the state of all the pallets to ensure they are resting on the cross beams and evenly dispersing over the beam levels.
  • Inspect the cross beams to ensure they are not sagging or damaged in any way.

After the thorough inspection, list down all the safety issues, and call experts to work on the problems before becoming a big issue. Remember the safety of your employees and goods is vital for your business operations.

If you want to ensure your pallet rack remains safe, schedule a routine safety check. You can also hire someone to do the job for you if you operate on a strict schedule. In this way, you can spot the damage before it becomes an alarming issue, especially if you have the supervisor do it for you.

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