5 Ways Video Conferencing Can Diversify Your Team


If you find yourself sitting in a meeting with five of your clones, that means that only one idea is going to get tossed around. It also means that an idea or problem is only being approaching from a single perspective, and that any solutions are going to come from that perspective. In other words, you’re seriously limiting your chances for serious, meaningful solutions to problems and innovative ideas if your employee pool isn’t diverse. Even if you’re already seeking to diversify your team, though, of course it’s not as simple as flying in premier talent from all around the globe who want to work for you. This is where video conferencing comes in, and how it’s revolutionizing the staffing industry. There’s no need to try and woo a potential job candidate you’ve head hunted in for an interview, or to relocate, if you’re comfortable with employing remote workers. Here are five ways that video conferencing can address any problems of distance, and all the benefits there are to be  reaped.

  1. Interview More  Candidates

One of the most obvious benefits to using video conferencing to hire and engage employees is the ability to widen job searches substantially. Using a video conference call with Blue Jeans, for example, is an easy way to interview people without bringing a lot of candidates on-site or requiring in-person dialogue. It’s helpful to have a way to sift through more candidates faster if you’re receiving a high volume of resumes, and you also have the ability to go looking for someone yourself. Whether you’re using a social networking site like LinkedIn, or you put out a call on specific channels for your industry, you don’t have the time restriction of needing every single promising person you encounter to meet you in  person.

  1. Hire Remote  Employees

One step better than being able to interview candidates quickly and in faraway places, is then being able to hire the best ones. Video conferencing makes employing remote workers possible, and you can also utilize their unique expertise by recording their input. For example, Tweak Your Biz suggests that one way you can double up on the usability of your content is to record meetings or brainstorming sessions, and use it in your training materials. Recording and remembering a unique perspective of a new person whom you choose to employee is extremely  valuable.

  1. Bring In  Consultants

It’s possible that you may need an expert’s opinion on a particular topic, even if your team is diverse and from all backgrounds and geographical areas of the globe. However, it’s very expensive to fly in a consultant if they don’t live nearby. If you work in a narrow industry, chances are that the experts you’re interested in listening to are few and far in between. Therefore, using video conferencing allows you to bring in outside consultants who can offer their input, minus all the costs associated with travel and appearance  fees.

  1. Analyze and Schedule One on One  Time

If you’ve brought on off-site employees to diversify your team and provide you with a broader perspective of your idea process, you also must remember that it’s easy for them to feel overlooked or isolated. Feeling a sense of connection is important, and they can often feel out of loop. Video conferencing eliminates this problem by keeping everyone updated and on the same page, creating a consistent bridge of communication that doesn’t create misunderstandings or  alienation.

  1. Easy Research in Multiple  Fields

It’s been established that using video conferencing means you can access a much wider pool of talent than if you restricted your hiring to only local candidates. However, you can also go one step further than that, and ask your employees to draw from their immediate surroundings. If you need some insight into a particular country, for example, it’s as simple as asking an employee who lives in that locale to step outside and provide some basic observations. While this isn’t a way to acquire a full report about the state of a particular market or get hard numbers, having someone on the ground who can anecdotally and organically feel out a demographic you’re aiming for is an invaluable  asset.

Diversity in today’s workplace is absolutely key. As the world moves more fully into a global sociopolitical economy, it’s more important than ever to introduce as many perspectives as possible that will come up with fresh ideas and innovative approaches. Regardless of what industry you’re in, if your product is an actual physical object, or developing a new brand, the bottom line is that you need different voices to help you sell it to different audiences. Video conferencing is becoming increasingly popular for business communication, and part of the reason is that talent doesn’t have to come from your own backyard anymore. Not only that, but it shouldn’t when you have literally the entire world at your fingertips. While some positions are indisputably on-site jobs, there are lots of other types of employees that can easily be managed if they work remotely. By using video conferencing, you’ll be able to get in on the ground floor with the newest, best talent out  there.

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