Black Authors’ Book Teaser Will Make Your Kids a Slave to Reading- Carlos Hardy


Christopher Edwards and Carlos Hardy are on a distinct mission to encourage kids around the globe to read more.  The two gentlemen have written the fantasy book series Volonians.  Volonians is a well diverse mixture of characters, some undoubtedly evil and others you’ll root for until the very end. The story centers around a mother and her two magical twins who are hunted by the governing Lords on the  planet.

This week the Co-authors have introduced an action packed gut-wrenching teaser to their book called Bring Back Slavery. The teaser takes place in the under belly of the Volonian world where the Lords of the planet are attempting to enslave one of its  civilians.

“The teaser title is a play on words, we want kids and parents to understand that you can be a slave to many things like phones, food, electronics, but we prefer kids be a slave to reading a good book,” says Hardy.  The book was published on Amazon a year ago and continues to gain steam in various categories. “It is extremely gratifying that we continue to move up the amazon charts after visiting schools,” continues  Hardy.

“It is our goal to build suspense and intrigue with this book teaser, we want to hook kids with a great family story,” says Edwards.   It’s black history month and the duo decided to give readers a first class glimpse into their diverse Volonian world. “It was our goal to diversify our teaser, include all races which is similar to the book, because sometimes kids don’t get to see magical characters in different skin tones,” adds  Edwards.

For the past year Hardy and Edwards have traveled from elementary school to high school entertaining kids of all ages and races with their Let’s Read program.  The Let’s Read program pairs reading with theatre in an effort to encourage all kids to read more.  The duo appears optimistic as they hope to land a major sponsor for their Let’s Read Initiative, which will take their stage play  nationwide.

“We have confidence that our message will provide a diverse perspective that the world is now ready to receive,” says Hardy. “We want to excite kids and let them know that it is still cool to read and imagine beyond their  limits.”

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