Create Your Own Messenger App!

By AppsGeyser, Special for  USDR

Mobile communication has developed rapidly in the past few years and apps such as Whatsapp and Viber have become the main source of communication for many mobile device users. The mainstream messenger styled apps suit the need for daily communication, however, there was a cry for an app that could be developed and used for niche groups such as a personal social circle, or an internal employee communication tool. The desire for personal Android communication packages led to the development of the AppsGeyser messenger app  template.

Appsgeyser has devised a messenger template for Android devices. The template is the easiest way to create an app from scratch, customized to suit your needs, without having to have technical abilities. The AppsGeyser messenger app template is an instant messenger service that enables you to send messages, photos, videos and files from your device to your  contacts.

Distributing and using the app could not be any easier. AppsGeyser gives you free use of your APK which can be distributed via online Android stores, or by scanning the barcode provided directly onto the device. The messenger app can be used with up to 200 contacts, each can be added via their telephone numbers, or by adding existing contacts by swiping their name in the app menu and clicking on Invite  Friends.

The AppsGeyser messenger app template is cloud based and can therefore be added to any of your mobile devices whilst keeping your messages in sync. The ability to share files, videos and photos, as well as voice recorded messages has increased the popularity of this app amongst social messenger app users and business users  alike.

In addition to the ease of use, the messenger template also combines a range of customization features which can be added on the individual level by each of the app users. Features of this template include sticker support, @nickname support, customized design and hashtag support. For more information on the messenger app, please contact a member of the team, or click through to the AppsGeyser website to create your very own messenger  app.

SOURCE  AppsGeyser

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