Curb Appeal for the Busy Homeowner: 8 Speedy Ways to Spruce up Your Home


Whether you are a seasoned homeowner preparing to place your house on the market, or a first-time property holder looking to make a great first impression, maintaining curb appeal is essential to your home-owning success. While most homeowners are aware of this, busy schedules and hectic lives often result in neglected lawns, dirty windows, and cluttered front porches. Fortunately, even the busiest of homeowners can maintain an impressive home exterior, creating a positive first impression for neighbors and potential buyers. Tackle these eight projects to turn up your home’s curb appeal while maintaining your busy schedule.

Replace Your Mailbox
Curb appeal is all about making a positive first impression, and your mailbox is one of the first things neighbors or potential buyers will see. The house number on your mailbox can also help visitors know they are in the right place. An eyesore of a mailbox can easily be replaced, giving your home an instant makeover. Find a quality mailbox at an online retailer like that suits your needs while expressing your personality. When it comes to finding a mailbox that will improve your home’s curb appeal, it is also important to choose the best color. Pick a color that compliments your home or go for a classic look with white or black.

Try New Lighting
Outdoor lighting is a simple way to add class, style and elegance to your home’s exterior. Almost all hardware stores have outdoor lighting kits, and many of them are simple enough to install yourself. Consider how you may use lighting to illuminate your home’s attractive features, or light the pathway from the curb to your front door. The most important thing to remember with lighting is that less is more. Outdoor lighting should serve as a subtle accent, creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Repaint Your Door
A front door with chipped or cracked paint can make an otherwise polished home look old and neglected. Repainting your door with fresh paint is a quick and easy project that will do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Before painting your door, remove it by taking out the hinge pins. Also remove all other hardware, including the doorknocker and peephole. For the best results, prime all sides of the door to prevent moisture absorption, and sand the door thoroughly. Your door will then be ready for a fresh and bright coat of paint.

Clear Out the Clutter
If your lawn is cluttered with sticks, leaves and children’s toys, any other positive qualities of your home will likely go unnoticed. It is particularly important to pay attention to how cluttered your yard has become during the winter months. MSN Real Estate suggests consistently clearing away leaves and dead tree branches to keep your lawn looking clean and sharp.

Wash Your Windows
Remove the dirt and grime from your windows to give your home’s exterior an instant facelift. Washing your windows can be a simple project if you have the proper tools. Invest in a large, high quality bucket and squeegee. Avoid opting for lower quality window cleaning equipment, as this will lead to streaks and smudges that will leave you feeling frustrated. Choosing a high quality window cleaning detergent will also make the process much simpler, allowing you to better see water stains and smudges.

Incorporate Flowerbeds

While flowers and plants can add a lot to a home’s curb appeal, busy homeowners rarely have the time to invest in complicated landscape and gardening projects.

Flowerbeds are a great way to incorporate plants into the landscape of your home without spending loads of time and money. No-dig flowerbeds allow you to build an instant garden by covering the desired area with cardboard and grass clippings. You can then begin planting flowers of your choice, or even delicious herbs and vegetables.

Replace Hardware
A doorknob may seem like a tiny detail, however, according Fox News, the value of your home is all about the details. Replacing fixtures in your home such as your doorknob is a simple way to give your home a polished look, increasing its overall value.
Also consider choosing one style when you replace light fixtures and faucets, to give your home a sense of uniformity.

Add a Seasonal Wreath
After you have given your front door a fresh coat of paint, add the finishing touch of a seasonal wreath. Whether it be a festive Fourth of July wreath or a classic Christmas wreath, this small addition will give your home a sense of warmth and over all curb appeal. This is also a fun way to incorporate your own personality into your home’s outward appearance.

Taking pride in your home’s curb appeal is an essential part of being a successful homeowner. With these quick and easy projects, your full schedule will remain on track and your home will stay attractive, polished, and valuable.

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