How to Address Three of the Biggest Problems in Marketing Today

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1)      Getting the attention of those you want to do business with.   The people you want to meet are very busy and the distractions they face, numerous.  The era of luring potential clients with free lunch and sports tickets may be behind us. According to a recent study by Baker Communications, in one week, the average executive spends 66% of their time out of the office, spends 35% of their time with internal/external customers, receives 240 phone calls, receives 143 voice mails, receive 288 email messages. Through our program you can profoundly catch the attention of potential clients by inviting them to be guests on your segment of our show

2)      Getting third party credibility as the media recognized authority in your industry.  Businesses can claim to be the “best” in their industry, but such usually falls upon deaf ears. How can companies be recognized as an authority at what they do?  By being the resource the media goes to for information.  In addition to using the radio show itself to show your knowledge, you will also have a web platform at that will get you recognized as the leader in your industry.  The Price of Business is selective of the companies they choose, but for qualified companies, it is a powerful way to leave a large footprint in the world of business.  In addition, your content will be included in the national news website, US Daily Reviewwhich has over 250,000 hits each month.

3)      Getting the video and audio content you need to be found on search engines.  The Internet has become, without question, the most important tool to find new clients.  Simply having contact information and traditional advertisements will do little to get the attention of potential clients.  The saying, “Content is King” is more true now than ever.  Buyers, however are extremely sophisticated, they want content that educates and informs and they want it on credible news sources.  Users of the web are not easily deceived, they know “when they are being told and when they are being sold.” They always want the former.  Any of the content video, audio, and articles, used on the Price of Business or US Daily Review are available for your distribution as you see fit, on social network sites, your company site, email blasts, newsletters, and any other way you see fit.

What the Price of Business offers is a complete, turnkey package that enables you to meet all these needs in a very proficient manner and develop the discipline of a powerful sales cadence, accompanied by the generation of the type of content that will differentiate yourself as an industry leader.

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