How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to look stunning for her special day. From the time you are a little girl and dreaming of your wedding, you have imagined walking down the aisle and seeing the look of awe on everyone’s faces when they turn and see you for the first time in your dress and veil.

The hard part is finding a dress that is perfect not just on the hanger, but on your body type, size and shape. Here are some tips to help narrow down the numerous choices of styles and accessories to help find the absolute best dress for you.

Choose the Right Style and Fit 

Knowing what body type you have is important when choosing a dress. Accentuating the positives and downplaying the less desirable tributes is a major key in choosing the best dress. If your arms are less than toned or you would rather downplay your generous chest, then choosing a dress with sleeves rather than a strapless style may make you feel more confident. Or maybe you feel your hips are larger than they should be, choosing a fitted skirt may not be the most flattering style for you. What styles you love may not be the most flattering for you, but feeling confident in your choice is what is most important.

Research the Current Styles 

Choosing and buying a wedding dress can feel like shopping in a foreign country. Words like “mermaid style,” “fit and flare,” illusion or empire neckline,” “butterfly sleeves” and “tulle, lace or organza” will be tossed around and if you haven’t done your research on what you like beforehand, it can be overwhelming. Look at pictures and notice styles that you like beforehand to help simplify the process. Once you are overwhelmed with choices, it is hard to unsee everything. These are some of the styles currently popular according to Brides. Whether you choose to pick one of these or your own original style is up to you as the bride. It is your day so there is no wrong answer as to what you choose.

Stay Within Your Budget 

Anyone can feel like a million dollars when they have no limit to the amount they can spend. Unfortunately, most of us do have to be conscious of the amount we can spend on the perfect dress. Most brides will spend between $1000 and $2000 on their special dress for this one day. Looking at dresses outside of your price range will only show you what you cannot have. Stay at budget or below when trying on dresses.

Picking a Small Entourage

 When shopping and trying on wedding dresses, it is best to choose a smaller group. Choose two or three trusted friends or family to bring with you. Too many opinions can cause stress and disagreements, and therefore confusion for the bride. Knowing the people you choose to bring with you will be honest with their opinions is the main goal.

Accessorizing Big or Small 

There are so many things that can change the look of a dress. The undergarments have a huge impact on the way a dress will lay and fit. Adding a belt or colored sash can dramatically change the effect of a dress. The veil or headpiece can also cause a dress to become more flattering or finished. You can either make a statement with shoes or keep them low-key, but making sure you are comfortable in them is not something to overlook. Garters, jewelry and a wrap can all add to the vision of the dress, either increasing the wow factor or keeping it subtle, depending on your personality.

No matter how you choose to pick out your perfect dress, as long as you love it and feel amazing in it is all that matters. It is your special day and a dress that shows your beauty, happiness and confidence is sure to shine through as you and your groom start the rest of your lives together.

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