How to Get Rid of the Unwanted Critters in your Home

Tired of dealing with pests or rodents in your home? Before pulling out the bug spray stored under your kitchen sink or the rat repellent piled in your garage, take a moment to consider the harmful effects these chemicals could have on you, your family and even your pets! There are safe, clean and cost-effective ways to combat unwanted critters in your home. Take a look below to learn about the various environmentally friendly options available to you. (Important: for professional help in tackling flying critters, see bat removal near me.

Cluster free environment  

Keeping the house orderly and clean is a surefire way to stop attracting unwanted visitors. By actively vacuuming carpets, drying water spills, picking up crumbs and throwing away food lying around the house, you can prevent your pest problem from getting worse. If any dishes are sitting around the house, today is the day to clean them. A cluster free environment will not only keep the unwanted animals away, but it will also give you peace of mind. Pests also hide in dark places you do not check often. To avoid clusters of ants, spiders and more pests, consider removing furniture or appliances you no longer use or placing traps in commonly infested areas. Our next section is on natural ways to remove unwanted animals around your home.

Natural ways to remove an infestation  

Several homemade remedies are useful in deterring some of these nuisance animals. Instead of breaking out pesticides and repellents, consider the following simple mixtures that are likely to be sitting in your kitchen:

  • Ants

Dry solutions like peppermint or cinnamon can repel ants. Mixing a cup of water and a cup of vinegar in a spray bottle can also work wonders

  • Cockroaches

Soapy water in a tall bowl or cup can trap these creepy critters. Dish soap is also useful for stink bugs and gnats

Fruit juices, diluted jams, and sugar water are surefire ways to attract wasps into homemade traps for removal.

All of these natural solutions are proven to help with unwanted animal control. More solutions exist to help you repel insects and mammals alike, and the ingredients you need are likely to be within your home already. To keep wildlife and rodents at bay, also consider closing cracks and holes in your floors, walls, and window screens. Without a way to enter the house, you can prevent the opportunity for future pest problems.

Habits to keep your home free from unwanted animals  

If you have followed the previous methods and are still encountering issues, consider picking up a few habits to keep the wildlife at bay. Simple natural habits like closing the door or going through your pantry can make an impact on the number and frequency of nuisance animals entering your home. Routinely inspecting problem areas around the house is one of the best methods to keep wildlife away. Household owners often find torn screens, damaged window frames, cracked walls and more as the primary issue for their animal problems. Daily or weekly checks will help you keep your home pest-free. Additionally, it will not take much time out of your day!

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, there are still many professional services dedicated to helping with pest control. Companies like Critter Control® specialize in removing insects, rodents, reptiles, large mammals, stinging animals, flying critters and more.

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