How to Improve your Landing Page

A highly converting landing page is a dream of every online entrepreneur. Unfortunately not all of them will make it come true. And why is that? Well – the fault is usually caused by their ignorance or using uncertain sources of information. Both of these usually lead to, at most, creating an average landing page. But average landing pages don’t sell. The average ones don’t build brand awareness. And besides – nobody wants anything average today.
Using free online landing page templates, buying a cheap landing page from a shady expert or creating a landing page basing on lousy tutorials are only a tip of the iceberg of common mistakes made by landing pages beginners. However, if you are aware of those you will never make them again and from now on you can do it only in a right way. And to do it right the best thing to do is to…

Use a free landing page builder

A free landing page builder is not a myth. It really exists and is completely free of charge even up to 14 days. Considering the fact that creating a landing page design with this tool takes usually less than an hour, even for a newbie, it sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it? During that free trial period you can craft many landing pages versions. And since it has enormous power and can incredibly help with building a layout of a landing page you should definitely go for it.

Landing page builders are packed with hints and options to make the crafting process as smooth as possible. It proposes you some solutions and all you have to do is to just choose the ones you like and put in the content. You choose set-up, elements you wish to add (though it suggests the essential ones such as a heading or a call to action), colours and put videos or pictures. This way the builder, on your behalf, builds your landing page within seconds.

A good thing to do when creating a landing page is also to test it out. Since you have a 14 days free trial it would be a sin not to use it and try out some landing page versions and ideas that pops up in your mind during that time. And the best tools to do this are AB testing tools.

Test your landing page efficiency with AB testing tools

AB testing tools turn out extremely useful especially at the beginning of the journey with landing pages. If you are a beginner and not sure what will work on the landing page of your business you can very easily check it out with them. Basically AB testing is just trying out different version of landing page by adding, deleting, changing or moving any element on it and comparing the results of both solutions. After doing that you can be sure that all the elements of your landing page work fine and are put in right place.

Therefore, AB testing tools result to be extremely helpful if you still don’t feel an expert in the field of landing pages or have no previous experience. Using them reduces risk of landing page failure or helps you make a decision over the final look of your landing page. This way you have a greater chance to craft a really nice piece of a landing page which will convert the visitors into your customers and make people trust both you and your offer.

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