How Well Built Are the Largest Websites?

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WebCorp, today released its free Website Speed Test available at The Website Speed Test requires only a website URL, and will quickly return the load times and other critical performance factors from 5 global locations for the site’s homepage.

Using the free Website Speed Test, a CEO for example, can now determine how fast, or how slow, their website is compared to their competitors, and how fast it could be with WebCorp’s BASE™, the fastest web application framework in the world.

When testing some of the biggest and most recognized websites in the world, the results consistently show that each takes more than 2.45 seconds to load, while WebCorp with the BASE™ framework, takes just 0.72 seconds.

Nowadays, more and more organizations are learning the importance of page speed when it comes to organic search results and user experience, both of which directly impact marketing and sales. Google acknowledges that the speed and performance of a website is a major factor when determining page rank in their organic search results.

Thus, the technical components of a website are just as important as the content of the page if you want to rank high in search.

“Sadly most organizations focus on the design of their website, and largely ignore the engine behind it. That approach is comparable to driving a Ferrari powered by a lawn mower. While design is an important component of the user experience (UX), it’s the speed of a website that is critical for both the UX and search engine optimization (SEO),” explains Philip Ferreira, WebCorp’s Application Architect.

Website visitors stay longer on websites that load quickly, versus bouncing (or leaving) at higher rates when a website is slow. WebCorp is excited to provide the Website Speed Test to companies who are looking to have the best web presence in their market. If a website does not grade an A on the test, then it could benefit from using WebCorp’s BASE™ framework.

WebCorp develops the fastest websites in the world, for organizations of all sizes. WebCorp clients improve their ROI with a high performance web application that directly impacts their SEO efforts, user experience, and reliability.

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