How Western Weddings Have Evolved


When you think of a wedding, it is quite possible that a great many traditions come to mind. After all, people have been having the same type of weddings for decades now. However, it is interesting to examine what a modern wedding might mean to people. Are people moving away from the customary and heading towards new  trends?

For the longest time, what you could count on was wedding dresses, wedding cakes, fathers accompanying the brides down the aisles, and first dances. While many of these components remain, you may notice that a lot has changed as well. Let’s take a closer look at how these traditions have  evolved:

The Not-So White Wedding Dress

Made popular by Queen Victoria, brides wore white gowns for the longest time. In fact, it was so long ago that many people forgot the real reason for the color and attributed it to a sign of purity. Rather it was more a show of wealth and power. Many a bride have ditched this color trend and instead opted for bursts of color such as those offered by HoughtonNYC fashion bridal dresses.

It is not just the color that has changed over the years, however. It is also the styles. Brides are able to exercise their personal style a lot more than before as people are more open to non-traditional styles. These even includes two piece wedding gowns in New York.

Tastier Wedding  Cakes

If you remember the cakes of your childhood, you probably weren’t all that impressed. It’s hard to blame you considering that these were probably bland or tough fruit cakes. Thankfully, the bride and groom are now more concerned with the palates of their guests. As a result, you are more likely to find delicious gourmet cakes being served. It is not just the taste that has transformed, it also the designs themselves. These days, you can expect to see cakes of all shapes, sizes, and colors. They either can be ostentatiously decorated or simpler ‘naked’ cakes. Some couples choose to omit cakes altogether and opt for other  confectionaries.

Giving Away of the  Bride

One of the more memorable traditions was the bride and her father, arm in arm as they walked down the aisle. However, times have changed and many brides are actually choosing to make this journey on their own. There even have been instances where both parents have escorted the bride down the aisle. As families have evolved and familial roles have changed, this custom too has been  transformed.

Destination  Weddings

Travel has gotten a whole lot easier and in some instances, more affordable. This is one of the reasons that many couples choose to host their weddings in faraway destinations. The guests then meet them at this location, typically a beautiful and scenic region. This also means that the ceremonies are often lengthier or spread out as these destination weddings typically happen over a weekend or  longer.

These are just some of the ways how weddings and the customs involved with them have changed. It is interesting to see if this will continue to happen in the  future.

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