Is It Worth The Money? 7 Things to Consider Before You Hire Movers

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Did you know most Americans move about 11 times in their lifetime?

From family to corporate moves, over 31 million people in the United States moved in 2019. With new opportunities opening in every city, mobility is essential.

A successful move requires careful packing and planning. If you’re moving to a new home or city, you may be wondering if you should move yourself or hire a moving company. Wondering if you should hire movers?

Don’t worry, we got you! In this article, we show you some of the factors to consider before hiring a moving company. Read on to find out more about moving companies.

1. Recommendations and Reviews

When you hire movers, choosing the right company can be a daunting task. Google can give you a great start to finding moving companies near you. If you want to find a reliable team, consider recommendations from people you know.

You may already know someone who hired a moving company in your past. Reach out to friends or relatives who have had experience in hiring professional movers. A loved one may be able to recommend a reliable company.

Alternatively, they may be able to warn you of their bad experiences, like unexpected fees. You may also try looking for a moving company’s website. Check out reviews from previous clients.

Reviews will help you learn more about a company if you’re not familiar with them. Reading reviews will give you some insight into the potential moving team.

2. License and Insurance

Avoid working with moving companies that don’t have licenses and insurance. Without proper licensure or insurance, you may be with fraud. A proper license and insurance ensure legal bounds to protect your property.

Movers for interstate moves must register with the U.S Department of Transportation. The company will receive a unique USDOT number. With this database, you can confirm the company’s insurance information and valid DOT number.

For intrastate moves, regulations may vary between states. Look for licensing laws in your state and look for a company that follows these requirements.

3. Personal Needs

Before you decide on moving by yourself, determine your needs. From a studio apartment to a spec house, the moving process may vary. Identify any issues that may prevent you from moving yourself.

Are you in the proper physical condition to move yourself? Are you sick or have a tight time schedule? If there’s anything preventing you from a successful mood, hire movers instead.

If you have older adults or small children in your family, moving yourself can be challenging. Hiring a moving company eliminates and potential issues and gives you efficient work. If the thought of moving yourself alone scares you, hire a moving company.

4. Transparent Moving Rates

When you hire a professional moving company, rates may depend on the number of movers you need. Many companies include the number of hours in their rates. This amount will only account for the base rate.

Other rates may include additional packing and materials. Moving bigger or heavier objects and incidental add-ons may add to the costs. When you talk to a moving company on the phone, they may not be able to give you an exact estimate.

However, they should inform you of how much you should expect to spend after the move. While inquiring about rates, ask what counts as an extra fee. Look for a different provider if they cannot give you a straightforward answer.

5. Track Record

While researching for a moving service, consider their track record. Determine how many years a company has been in business. A company that has a few years under their belt is a safe choice.

The number of years can connote a company’s experience. Ask if the company provides any special moving services. This can include working with fragile heirlooms or moving into high rise buildings.

A good company record keeps fair rates, is on time, and can maintain the condition of your belongings. If you’re looking for a company online, choose one that provided great service over time.

Want to know what an excellent track record looks like? Check out the Best of Utah Moving Company!

6. Resources

When choosing a moving company, inform yourself about its resources. Know what kind of packing material they use, how many vehicles they own, and other vital info. This ensures that the moving company is capable of moving your belongings.

Check if the company’s moving truck is big enough to fit your furniture and boxes. See if they can cooperate with any physical constraints. Verify whether or not they can provide any additional supplies like bubble wrap.

Ensure that the moving company can work at a convenient time window. Secure pickup and set delivery dates that meet your needs.

7. Can You Move Yourself

You may think that you can cut costs if stick to moving yourself. While moving yourself is less expensive, it’s not by much. Moving requires significant time and effort.

You must pack everything by yourself then move and arrange your belongings to a truck. After that, you need to drive and unload your belongings. Then, you need to return the truck and go home to unpack.

All of these things take longer than you may expect. You must also pay for gas for the moving truck you rent out. If you want to save time, effort, and stress, hire a moving company.

A moving company gives you less stress. Professional movers can offer efficient and quality work in a short time.

Consider These Things Before You Hire Movers

Deciding whether to move by yourself or hire movers? Hiring a professional moving company can help you save time and effort. Here are some things to consider when choosing a moving company.

Find a company with proper licensure and insurance. With the right moving company, you can complete your move with success.

Of course, hiring a moving company is only the beginning. You also need to learn how to pick the right agency, how to prepare your belongings, and what to do with things you don’t need. Feel free to go over our other moving guides right here to pick up all the tips and tricks you need!

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