Making 2016 a Little Better

By Eight Inc., Special for  USDR

2016 has been a difficult year for  many.

As a global business Eight Inc. and its clients have experienced first hand the repercussions of a shifting geopolitical landscape. From East to West, demagogueled campaigns of fear have gathered momentum, resulting in economic uncertainty and, perhaps more worryingly, extreme social  division.

Reported hate crimes are on the rise. Nuclear weapons and global warming, the two biggest threats to humanity, are increasingly being ignored. And the greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation,11m displaced refugees created by the Syrian Civil War, has been dehumanised by fractions of mainstream media to fuel a distorted, post-truth political agenda. For many of us, the world has never seemed so  terrifying.

At Eight Inc. we believe our strength comes from our diversity, and a restless pursuit of ‘truth’ in all that we do. As the year draws to a close we wanted to honour these values by creating ‘The Mighty We,’ a short film that celebrates our beliefs and sends a message to 2017; one of hope, progress, and most of all,  love.

In the process, and to help spread this message of goodwill, we are using the film to raise awareness, and $2,500, for the UNHCR Syria winter emergency fund. The UN Refugee Agency is helping the many displaced Syrians across the Middle East survive the winter, but they can’t do it alone. So for each share of this film accompanied by #TheMightyWe hashtag, we will be donating $1 to this  cause.

If 2016 was about fear, let’s make 2017 about love. Please help us share this message of  positivity.

SOURCE Eight  Inc.

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