Maximizing Your Backyard Staycation

Even if the bizarre circumstances of 2020 are preventing you from traveling and keeping you at home, you still deserve some time to yourself to enjoy the summer and restore your peace of mind. You’re far from the only one in this condition at the moment. Luckily, there’s good news. A “staycation” can actually be more beneficial than a normal vacation, since you get all the rest and diversion with none of the stress and headaches of traveling. But, in order to properly enjoy your free time at home, you’re going to want a backyard that lives up to its full potential. A simple lawn chair might be good enough for hanging out after work, but it falls far short of providing an adequate setting for a genuine staycation. Utilize these four tips to get your yard into such good shape that it will be a destination in and of itself.

Do Some Basic Landscaping

You don’t have to spend every hour of every day out in the yard, but there are certain landscaping jobs that you simply can’t leave undone if your yard is to remain up to standard. Weeding gardens and trimming overgrown shrubs are essential if you don’t want your yard to look neglected. If you have a lawn, keep it mowed. Make creative changes to your yard that will keep it in better shape in the future, like installing weed tarps and creating easier-to-maintain natural edges. Keep up on your mulching; it’s amazing how much a fresh batch in the spring can liven up a yard, like a touch up on an old painting. In short, treat your yard like you’d treat your body, keeping up regular maintenance to maintain self-respect and self-esteem.

Install Some Shade

Do you ever see the sun shining through your window, decide to head outside to enjoy the beautiful day, and then find it so uncomfortable that you go rushing back in for the comfort of the air conditioner? If you do, then your yard is in dire need of some shade. An overly-hot back yard is simply no fun to hang out in. Nothing is pleasant about feeling sweat seep through your shirt. Luckily, the sun is easy enough to block if you’re willing to make the right investments in your comfort. Trees are the best natural option, but it can be hard to find one big enough to provide immediate shade. Still, as far as long-term plans go, you can’t go wrong by planting some smaller trees that will block some serious sun in the years to come. For immediate solutions, consider tables with large umbrellas or, for a patio, some sort of awning or canopy. Suddenly, you will find that an afternoon in the yard is much more pleasant.

Splurge on Some Flashy Amenities

If you’re not taking a trip this year, consider using some of the money you’re saving on cool toys for the backyard. Quality outdoor lighting can go a long way toward making your yard the perfect spot for a cookout or nocturnal party. Speaker systems are bound to ramp up the fun and turn outdoor music into a proper event. If you prefer more natural entertainment, look into installing a fire pit, which is cheap, easy, and tends to provide especially endearing family memories.

Get Serious About Your Hangout Space

For your yard to really provide a great staycation, you need your outdoor space to be just as comfortable as your living room. This means you need to put serious thought into tables, chairs, and cushions. Do you like to put your feet up when you’re sitting on the couch? Then buy an outdoor footrest. Are you an avid reader? Find the chair that best lets you settle into a good book. Whatever your unique desires may be, do what it takes to account for them.

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