New App Gives Users Ability to Capture and 3D Print Panoramas

By  Scandy, Special for  USDR

For the first time ever, users can 3D print spherical panoramas. Until now, 360-degree panoramas have lived in digital purgatory and on virtual reality headsets. Scandy brings those digital 360-degree panoramas out of the digital world and into reality with the Scandy  Sphere.

Scandy unveiled the Scandy Sphere to Kickstarter on October 27th, and is over 25% funded. Scandy users capture spherical panoramas with the Scandy app or import pre-existing panoramas, and order full-color 3D printed Scandy Spheres. The Scandy 1.0 will be live in Winter 2015 for both iOS and  Android.

“Until now, creating 3D content has been hard,” says Scandy founder Charles Carriere. “Our mission at Scandy is to change that. We want everyone to be able to scan their world in 3D and order beautiful 3D-printed  content.”

“Scandy has been a labor of love,” adds Scandy President and CTO, Cole Wiley. “We launched the first Scandy app in March of 2015 and have come a long way. Gone are the days when users need expensive hardware to scan in 3D. Scandy 1.0 works with any  phone.”

The Scandy Sphere Kickstarter offers users discount pricing on 3D-printed Scandy Spheres and beta access to Scandy 2.0. With Scandy 2.0, users can take 3D scans from any smartphone using photogrammetry and order full-color 3D prints. Users can order Scandy Spheres with their own custom content, or pre-selected Scandy Favorites. Scandy Spheres fulfillment begins immediately as the Kickstarter closes and will ship within two  weeks.

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About  Scandy
Scandy was founded in New Orleans in late 2014 with the mission to allow users to easily scan in 3D and order full-color 3D prints. Scandy 0.1 launched for iPad in March 2015 and allows users to scan in 3D with an iPad and attached Occipital Sensor. Scandy 1.0 releases in Winter 2015 with the Scandy Sphere feature and Scandy 2.0 releases in Spring 2016. Scandy is headed to Web Summit inDublin and is invited to be in the Beta  Village.

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