New Social Network Launches to Help Commuters Find Parking


Today, we are proud to launch Gridz, an innovative mobile application that helps people park and communicate between  vehicles.

Almost everyone has had the frustrating experience of looking for a spot and mouthing to another driver “Are you leaving that space soon?” Now, Gridz will allow you to communicate with every driver in a neighborhood simultaneously. — Philip Garland, CEO and co-founder of  Gridz.

To help commuters find parking easier, people using Gridz can set parking timers that others can see on a map, color-coded by length of time  remaining.

Beyond parking, by enabling direct communication between cars, the app revolutionizes almost 100 years of honking, hand waving, and light flashing. Gridz users can help each other by sending either a direct message, or selecting from one of the Gridz pre-written notifications (e.g. “Left Your Lights  On”)

Gridz is now available for free on iOS and  Android.

To help grow the Gridz community, we will be hosting events in several US cities this Wednesday (November 4th) to get the word out, and build a solid foundation right from the  start.

As a safety precaution, Gridz disables itself when it detects the car is moving faster than 10mph unless the app operator verifies that she/she is the  passenger

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