Popular Tweedz Headphone’s Unvail New Lineup!

By  Tweedz Braided  Headphones, Special for  USDR

Tweedz has doubled its line-up of tangle-free, durable earbuds that have become popular amongst travelers, musicians, and college students due to their unique styling, premium sound quality, and ability to stand up to wear and  tear.

“It was an honor to be named as one of the top five most durable earbuds in the world by HeadphonesCompared.com,” said CEO and Vandy alum Reed Wotiz, “and we couldn’t help but give a nod to our alma mater with our new Black and Gold  model.”

The new additions to the line-up  include:

  • Black with gold accents
  • White with gold accents
  • Neon yellow with white and black accents
  • Neon green with white and black accents
  • Gray with white and black accents

Designed by a lifelong musician/producer and a globetrotting expat, Tweedz were designed from the ground up to be a little different. It starts with color – lots of color – blue, red, neon, pink, yellow, black. Then come the braided wires. They are inspired by the guitar cables that touring musicians use, so they are durable, tangle-free, and built to last. And most important, there’s the music. Tweedz were specifically designed to provide a full spectrum frequency response which means they sound great across your entire record collection – from hip hop to pop, soul to salsa, folk to funk, and indie rock to  EDM.

To amplify the launch, Tweedz is offering discounts to customers who follow their Instagram account  @TweedzHeadphones

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