Sustainable Healthcare Reform?


Steven Trobiani, M.D

. has combined his formal academic training (in institutions such as Yale University) with over 30 years of medical practice and management experience to solve the greatest crisis facing healthcare and the U.S. economy today. Applying the same diagnostic skills used in the management of neurological diseases, Dr. Trobiani recognized that, before structural healthcare reform can be successfully undertaken, the cause of the system’s malfunction must first be identified and isolated.

Dr. Trobiani’s research has identified the management of healthcare delivery as the cause of our healthcare system’s failure. “Managed-care”, as this is commonly known, “is simply too labor intensive to ever be cost-effective”, reports Dr. Trobiani. “After 35 years of managed-care, we have acquired over 30 administrators for every doctor. This cost is now the principal driver of healthcare inflation and represents 56.5% of our healthcare spending. The cost of managed-care is why our private healthcare system has become unaffordable and why government-run programs relying on the same healthcare delivery management tools will also fail to make healthcare affordable. Instead of managing the delivery of healthcare, we need to manage the finance of healthcare. Rather than forcing the need to fit within the available funds, we need to create and grow the funds to more than exceed the need. This is the only path to affordable healthcare”.

Sustainable Healthcare Reform

: Harnessing the Power of Capitalism to Fund Our Social Needs” exposes Obamacare more as a mechanism for taxing the middle class than as a means of healthcare reform. However, it is more than just another book decrying the problems with Obamacare. This book offers a way forward. It is the first and only book to offer a true, viable, private-market solution to our healthcare dilemma. It does so by completely re-inventing our approach to healthcare. It does so by eliminating the management of healthcare delivery and replacing it with the management of healthcare funding.

Dr. Trobiani has created and patented a system to manage the finance of healthcare that will:

    •     Stabilize healthcare costs.

    •     Preserve and strengthen employer-sponsored healthcare.

    •     Limit employee healthcare expenses to the annual HSA contribution.

    •     Eliminate all future employer healthcare costs after an initial vesting period.

    •     Increase the net worth of companies using this plan.
    •     Improve the quality and affordability of healthcare.

    •     Improve compensation for healthcare professionals.

  •     Provide funding for retired personnel and thereby

    diminish the demands on Medicare.

To learn more about this innovative approach to healthcare reform go to https://www.politicsandhealthcare.comand order a soft-cover copy of the book “Sustainable Healthcare Reform”, also available as an e-book through

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