The 4 Safe Methods of Buying Youtube Views

There are lots of negativity as well as myths about purchasing views on Youtube. In the actual fact, buying views is not against the law unless you’ve purchased it illegally or the views came from fake people.

However, in case you are wondering if there’s a safe method of buying views, the answer is yes. So if you’re planning to buy Youtube views, then read on. The following are some of the safe methods that you can try when making a purchase.

  1. Pay for legit Youtube views from a third party source

When it comes to legitimate service providers, your option is limitless. The views you will be getting in these sources are legitimate. But today, there is a number of third-party sources that offer bots instead of real views. Thus you need to be very careful when choosing a seller. To ensure that they are reliable and legit consider reading some reviews online.

  1. Buy Views from Adwords

The second way is to go over the official channels which is Adwords. In point of fact, by simply paying Google for views for your Youtube videos, you are keeping your money in the family. In addition to that, you will be able to show that you are not buying views for the profit, because you may possibly end up paying beyond you earn from the monetization for nearly every case as well as every niche.

  1. Visit an urban center that is close to your place

The third safe method of buying views is to visit the closest urban and look for as many as homeless individuals as possible. After which, bring them to the local public library that has a number of computers and let them sit down.

On the other hand, ask them to browse through your channel and subscribe as well. Then ask them to watch your content and then pay them $5 at the end of the day.

As a matter of fact, Youtube counts it as one view if the user watches the videos for more than thirty seconds.

Nevertheless, if the people you’ve invited like your videos, there’s a possibility that they will keep watching your videos without you paying and asking them.

  1. Pay A Seller $10 for every 10,000 Youtube views

In today’s day and age, there are myriads of Youtube view providers that offer their service at a very affordable price tag. Usually, you can obtain 10,000 views for $10 or less.

However, when you are dealing with these sellers you to be cautious, because like we have mentioned a while ago, you may possibly get bots upon your purchase. If Youtube finds out that you’re doing something that is against their terms of services you may be penalized.


Without a doubt, buying Youtube views is safe most especially if done in a correct manner.

Either way, we hope that this content has helped you a lot. By simply trying the methods above rest assured that you will be able to get the number of views that you want.

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