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By Jeannie Langston, Special and sponsored* content for US Daily Review

After only two months, has ranked in 2nd and 3rd place in regards to unique visitors and the length of time visitors spend on the site.  Using the Alexa Traffic rank, which is based on three month averages, on a global level it ranked 505,857, but among the US, it ranked 41,543. 

When determining ranking, the two most important statistics are the number of unique page views and the length of time those visitors spend on the website. is averaging 13 unique page views per visit, with only Facebook and Ebay doing better with just over 18 unique page views per visit on average.

For length of time per visit, has an average length of visit 23.61333 minutes, with only Facebook in the lead with 31.22 minutes, followed closely by Youtube with 17.56 minutes.  Keeping in mind that these statistics are based on three month averages, and as only been live for two months, has shown phenomenal growth in ranking. 

On July, 4, 2011, went live.  On this social networking website, members can view profiles of politicians specific to them.  Like other networking sites, has a wall where members see posts and activity from other members he or she has friended, and a member can send a message to another member.  But takes it a step further with real-time chatrooms so that members can have live discussions and debates.

There are also forums which also offer another avenue for a member to get on their soapbox about any issue he or she chooses.  In addition to the forums, members can start his or her own group about any issue he or she is passionate about and invite other members to join the group and take action.

What kind of information can a member find about a particular politician?  Politician profiles include full name, the office he or she holds, the office he or she is seeking, his or her address, a phone number, religious affiliation, education, birth date, organizations, and some financial information.  This is just a portion of the information you can find on an individual politician. 

Another feature offered on is townhall meetings. These involve members and politicians, and just like an actual townhall meeting, members have the opportunity to ask a question and have a politician answer them via video feed.

Members can also upload their own video.  If a member attends a political function, he or she can share the video of the function with all the members of  Members can post polls to find out what members think about a particular subject, or vote in member posted polls.

In this modern age where everything can be found on the Internet, the site takes a compilation of the information available on politicians, laws, bills, and campaigns, puts it all together on one website to give a voice to all voters and inform the American people.

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