TMS Health Solutions is Using Technology to Treat Persistent Clinical Depression

Facts are out there that mental problem is a common health problem to millions of people in the world. To be accurate enough, 300 million people around the world are said to be experiencing some form of depression. Circumstantial factors have led to negative feelings and sadness in almost any other person in the world. The good thing is that people end up recovering and moving on with life without persistent problems. The situation becomes worse when negative feelings and sadness appear without cause.

Clinical Depression

The World Health Organization defines clinical depression as a mental health problem where an individual demonstrates sadness and negative feelings without cause. This is an acute level of depression that needs to be treated before it gets out of control. Most of the people who experience this mental situation don’t know what they are going through. If one of your family members is demonstrating sadness without cause, you should consider taking them to a mental facility.

Some of the common symptoms of clinical depression include anxiety, memory problems, emptiness, irritability, and sadness. However, it is important to highlight that depression has significant physical impacts as well. Fatigue, headaches, weight changes, and sleep problems are some of the physical problems associated with depression. Dealing with a combination of physical and mental problems is a huge blow to the life of an individual. People can easily recover from these symptoms and go on to become productive in life.

Treatment-Resistant Depression

As highlighted above, many people recover from these problems through traditional therapy and medication. Anti-depressant and psychotherapy treatments have played a key role in helping people with extreme depression symptoms to recover. However, there is a huge number of people who find these treatment options not working for them. Depression tendencies that don’t respond to these types of treatment are known as treatment-resistant depression. Studies show that more than 45% of depressed people have symptoms of treatment-resistant depression.

TMS Therapy

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is an innovative therapy that uses short impulses of magnetic fields to treat acute depression symptoms. This procedure stimulates a specific section of the brain that operates or deals with the mood. TMS Health Solutions, which is the medical facility behind this innovative therapy, is increasingly becoming popular because it is offering a standout treatment procedure that is not common in other mental treatment facilities. The new treatment procedure is non-invasive, which makes it an attractive option to the patients.

TMS Health is using experienced individuals to administer this treatment procedure, which does not require any anesthesia or hospitalization. It is a simple procedure that is not taxing to the professionals and also not harmful to the patient. Thousands of patients have been waiting for a treatment procedure that takes a short time to treat. TMS therapy is currently ticking all the boxes, especially among people who have been looking for a reliable treatment procedure for many years.

Unlike other depression treatment procedures, TMS therapy has long-term results. From a relatively short treatment time, people get better results that are not tied to unending side effects. TMS Health Solutions has been allowed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to continue marketing TMS therapy as a safe and reliable treatment procedure that can be used to people with acute depression symptoms.

TMS Health Solutions is run by a team of experienced mental experts who are ready to offer assistance when needed. With eight locations in Northern California, you don’t have to worry about the persistent depressive tendencies. The patient-centered approach administered within TMS Health facilities wills lender a comprehensive treatment that will provide tangible results.

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