TurnStyle Takes Advantage of Pokemon Popularity in NYC

By TurnStyle & Geekscape, Special for  USDR

Pokémon Go has gone underground, quite literally, at New York’s new subterranean marketplace TurnStyle. TurnStyle has elevated Pokémon’s virtual reality by providing the characters an innovative shopping and dining destination to call  home.

To highlight the magic TurnStyle adds to the game and showcase the allure of lures, characters and catching them all just beneath the surface of Manhattan, TurnStyle and Pokémon aficionado Geekscape will host a Pokémon Go Meet Up in TurnStyle on August 5th from  5pm – 9pm.

There will be music, discounts and deals specifically for Pokémon players at TurnStyle’s retail and dining locations, limited edition collectable giveaways and exclusive Pokémon tips and tricks from some of the best players in the  industry.

“I’m thrilled to be partnering with TurnStyle to host a Pokémon Go Meet Up in August,” says Jonathan London of Geekscape. “As a huge Pokémon Go player myself I can’t wait for my friends in the gaming community, Pokémon themed cosplayers and also casual mobile gamers to get together and catch Pokémon in New York’scoolest underground shopping and dining experience. We have some fun things planned for fans of the  game.”

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm using digital overlays of players’ real-life environments and using geolocation to display a playable game. With the recent introduction of characters in the TurnStyle space, the Pokémon Go Meet Up on August 5th expects to set an industry standard for gamer-based meet  ups.

TurnStyle is New York City’s leading lifestyle hub, an underground marketplace proving that there is an upside to down. Located within a completely renovated 325-foot-long passageway leading from 57th Street and Eighth Avenue to the subway platforms, TurnStyle has reimagined the subway experience by creating a Main Street-esque destination under Columbus Circle. With 39 local small businesses, nationally recognized brands and rotating pop-ups from designers, artisans and artists, TurnStyle brings choice, convenience and a modern, clean design to the 90,000+ daily commuters who frequent this Midtown Manhattan destination. From hats to flowers, dumplings to doughnuts, cell phone cases to sunglasses, and much more in between, TurnStyle brings a unique and accessible selection to change the commuting  experience.

Geekscape is one of the internet’s most prominent geek websites and fan communities. Started as a weekly podcast in 2006, Geekscape has grown to encompass all aspects of pop culture, from community events to film, internet and TV production, to news and opinion gathering. They are yearly exhibitors at popular conventions like San Diego Comic Con and Stan Lee’s Comikaze  Expo.

SOURCE TurnStyle &  Geekscape

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