Using Video Conferencing for Business and IT


Do you work in IT, business or a similar corporate sector? If so, you may be interested in using video conferencing services to reach colleagues, partners, friends or even clients. Video conferencing can be a great way to increase productivity, especially if you or a colleague or employee works remotely. Check out these top reasons to use web conferencing services, especially if you work in  IT.

  1. Little to No Travel  Costs

You can be in several places at once without even leaving your office! This video conferencing capability truly drives business productivity and allows you to interact with your customers, partners and colleagues without spending time and money on travel. You no longer have to make multiple trips per year to visit partners, clients or colleagues at other office branches! Think about the cost accrued from such trips, including plane tickets, transportation to and from the airport and meals, as well as the time lost in travel. Video conferencing is such an attractive option, as you can get the same amount of collaboration done without taking the time and money to travel to speak with your colleagues and partners face to  face.

  1. Better Communication and More Productivity Among Customers and  Teams

It’s more and more common today to see satellite offices or remote teams working around the country or even around the world. These colleagues can communicate with main offices via phone calls, e-mail or even instant messages, but this lack of face-to-face communication can often cause miscommunication or misunderstandings between teammates. With video conferencing, you can see your remote team members and participants are more likely to stay alert and focused on the tasks at hand, increasing productivity and allowing better syncing and more clear messages between  participants.

In addition to improved communication between team members, video conferencing allows you to collaborate in real time on projects, rather than going back and forth via email. This real-time collaboration saves time overall and is a more effective and efficient way to complete projects. Overall, video conferencing increases productivity for team  members.

  1. Improved Communication and Reinforced  Relationships

During a video conference, you can see facial expressions and body language that you can’t see during a simple phone call between participants. Being able to see such expressions and body language allows faster and more effective collaboration as participants are able to communicate their messages and tasks in a clearer manner. Much of this communication is lost during a basic phone  call.

When a CEO holds a company-wide meeting via video conference with offices across the world, it reinforces the relationships between colleagues at offices in the United States and those in Asia. It makes those remote colleagues feel closer to the main office and allows the CEO to communicate his or her message to employees across the world, says Chron. Rather than those remote employees taking the time and money to travel to the main office, they can have improved — but much less expensive — communication via video conference instead, from the comfort of their home and own desktop  computer.

  1. Competitive Advantage Over  Competitors

It’s important to stay ahead of your competitors whenever possible. Video conferencing allows you to create and maintain a competitive advantage for your business. Not all companies use video conferencing, but teams that do video conference with each other share knowledge faster and more effectively and stay informed. They are also able to complete projects faster, reducing the amount of time necessary to create and promote a new product or service to customers. IT support and other customer support departments that use video conferencing can also create and maintain more personal relationships with their customers, leading to deeper customer loyalty with the company. Product manufacturers can easily verify the product’s quality and make changes if necessary throughout the product’s life style by videoconferencing with the company’s team members. Video conferencing is an excellent way to stay ahead of your  competitors.

Software like Blue Jeans offers conferencing video for IT that allows you to easily host or attend video conferences for IT and other corporate sectors. You can use these services to connect with almost anyone with an internet connection around the world at any time, saving you the time and money it takes to travel for physical conferences and meetings, while increasing productivity and efficiency  overall.

Many video conferencing services offer interoperability, allowing you to connect with nearly any business or consumer video conferencing endpoint, so that anyone with internet access can connect with you. These services allow you to easily schedule and host meetings from the service’s accessible web interface by clicking a link or dialing a number. You can also simulate a physical conference by sharing slides or presentations with all of your meeting’s participants. For the IT sector and beyond, video conferencing technology opens a world of professional convenience and  opportunity.

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