Walking WiFi: New Kickstarter gains Funding

By iBackPack, Special for  USDR

The iBackPack is a revolutionary new piece of technology encompassed in a normal backpack. Austin, Texas based iBackPack has incorporated WiFi/MiFi capabilities such that anyone carrying the backpack has instant high-speed internet access. Their 20,000 mAh main battery system is capable of recharging any smartphone up to 10 x from scratch, as well as recharge tablets such as the iPad up to 3 fold. The battery systems allow for wireless recharging of the Apple 5, 6 and 6 Plug by merely placing the iBackPack in close proximity of the battery system. Cables used to transfer power are the latest on the market – called smart cables which display a blue hue when completely charged or a red while charging. Car charging systems are  included.

The WiFi connection is available by piggy-backing on existing carrier subscriptions through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. While the exact costs for high-speed internet access for the iBackPack remains the responsibility of the mobile carriers – it is estimated to be approximately ten dollars per month. There is an anti-theft system that utilizes GPS technology to automatically inform someone their iBackPack product has been stolen. Android and iOS mobile apps provide autonomous and full-control over all features of the bag. There is a Bluetooth Speaker that provides high-quality audio listening as well as enables individuals to speak through their iBackPack microphones vs. holding  same.

The backpack itself is filled with over fifty high-tech pockets to store multiple iPhones, Androids, iPads and Android tablets. It can carry up to 4 notebook computers and all of the associated cables and plugs. There is a retractable power-cord, similar to those found in vacuum cleaners, that allows for the easy recharge of the iBackPack primary 20,000 mAh battery and auxiliary 8,000 mAh battery  banks.

Doug Monahan, CEO & Founder, iBackPack of Texas, Inc. states “Our new backpack is revolutionary in a great many ways. It provides a communication hub and corresponding electrical powerhouse for students and business professionals alike.” Ile Jugovski, Vice President of Operations further reinforces Mr. Monahan’s claim by exclaiming “Over ten man-years worth of effort have been invested in the WiFi and battery components  alone.”

Interested individuals can learn more about the Kickstarter/iBackPack relationship by viewing the following link  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ibackpack/2042355245?token=9b97d0af.

SOURCE  iBackPack

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