Week of Nov 4 – Nov 10

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Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Ditching Ed Miliband will not change the fact that ‘socialism’ has no relevance these days

Labour wants to save its panda – but the party’s problems run deeper thanEd

European Arrest Warrant 1) Conservative MPs should oppose it today if they really oppose EU integration

The heart of the matter is the suggestion that innocent British citizens should be extradited so that foreign criminal suspects can alsobe.

‘We are here to stand up for our patients’

The new president of the World Psychiatric Association wants to raise the profile of a long-neglectedcondition

The 2010 Conservative Manifesto on the EU and criminal justice


Anatomy of the reporting of an arrest on suspicion of terror offences

Attempts to create a strong, Islamic, national voice against extremism have produced many talking heads but no massedvoice.


It’s time tobacco companies started clearing up their own mess

Some might say its the responsibility of smokers, but its the companies who got them addicted in the firstplace


Osborne was right to settle this EU bill as soon as he could

To attain success in the forthcoming European renegotiation we shall need allies, and to fall out with them on a second-order question would beperverse.

Mr Cameron’s EU struggle grinds on

The Government’s Europe woes are not goingaway

The nanny state will soon turn more women into criminals thanks to these draconian laws

The threat of fines and criminalisation is not just wrong, it’s morallydubious

Let’s punish modern sins by medieval law

Those MPs who claimed for moat-cleaning could be set to manually clear pondweed from the Regent’sCanal


Useless, embattled but nigh-on impossible to sack, Miliband is the best possible opponent

It’s highly unlikely he’ll be unseated – instead, he’ll limp on to May. We must use that time wisely, not rest on ourlaurels.

Does Ed Miliband really know the best way to tackle anti-Semitism?

The Labour Leader has called for a “calm” and “responsible” approach to Israel, but he should really take a hard look at his own stancefirst

No to £1.7 billion must mean No


Nine things the British don’t understand about the Germans

Cameron’s inability to read Merkel’s intentions is part of a much wider ignorance of German geography, history, politics, language andmanners.

Karren Brady supports stay-at-home mothers: ‘It’s not menial work and it should never be considered as that’

The British businesswoman emphasises the value in women who stay at home with theirchildren

Housebuilding, congestion and flooding


Where are the Obama-supporting Conservatives this morning?

“He is the anti-politician in a time when people are rightly suspicious of political elites.” (Douglas Carswell,2008.)


David Cameron can still win a good deal for the UK

Britain will lose nothing by undertaking what the Prime Minister has called “one last go” at EU reform, and may gainmuch

Theresa May has her worst week as Home Secretary…yet is back as Party members’ top choice for next leader

Gove is up to third – but it’s still a two-horse race between the Home Secretary and BorisJohnson.

This tax transparency raises a question: how wisely is it spent?

Letting us know where our money goes is to be applauded – but huge sums are beingwasted

Benefits and the EU

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