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This trade deal with America would have Churchill beaming

Ignore the Left-wing mumbo-jumbo and support a treaty that will make us all richer

Ex-leaders share the blame for Labour’s Scottish woes

Jack McConnell and Henry McLeish should take a hard look at themselves before criticising the current Holyrood leadership


The Ebola outbreak has produced some real heroes – but Western governments are not among them

The UK’s claim to be taking a lead in tackling the crisis does not bear scrutiny

To QE or not to QE? That is the question

Russell Brand might seem like a sexy revolutionary worth getting behind, but he will only fail his fans

Politics needs to be cleaned up, not thrown into disarray by irresponsible populists


Mr Obama struggles to find a Middle East policy which can work


The Conservatives are not poised to about-turn on the European Arrest Warrant

But the Government does look as if it is listening to backbench supporters of a strong Recall Bill.

Osborne should cut National Insurance for poorer workers

…So many of whom are in those Northern and Midlands marginals.

Polling on English votes

Many people in England like the idea of more fiscal devolution to Scotland, on the basis that Scotland would then be responsible for raising much more of the money itself which it wishes to spend.

Paterson is right about the Climate Change Act

Like a latter-day Gladstone, the former Environment Secretary has come among us unmuzzled.


Gordon Brown on the case for English votes for English issues in 1980

In the  1980 book ‘The Politics of Nationalism and Devolution’,  (which he co authored with H Drucker)Gordon Brown accepted that on one of his two possible models for  future  devolution (and the one he favoured for Labour) Scottish MPs would be prevented from voting on English or Welsh domestic matters as the quid pro quo for devolution to Scotland of  tax-raising powers.

EVEL is not enough

Britain needs a constitutional convention – and a federal solution.


Why hasn’t Labour sacked Ed Miliband?

If a bus driver were heading towards the edge of a cliff, the passengers would try to seize control of the wheel in all cases except one. Members of the Parliamentary Labour Party would sit back in their seats, put on their most confident smiles, and tell each other they were going full-speed ahead in the right direction.

£1m savings cover? We could have done with that when Northern Rock went sour

Comment: The run on Northern Rock might have been nipped in the bud had the compensation scheme not been overcomplicated by Whitehall

Add to Miliband’s worries: Can Ukip go after Labour in Scotland?

Scottish Ukip MEP David Coburn has been shouting off, as his way, about his party’s prospects north of the border in 2015. Mr Coburn is a curious character – and there is a certainly an element of bluster here.


Britain lacks vision because it is suffering an identity crisis

The rise of Ukip and the SNP are signs of a nation that is no longer sure what it stands for

The TV election debates. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go. Bring on Cameron and the seven dwarves.

P.S: Actually, it’s now unlikely that these will happen at all.

Tony Abbott says ‘coal is good for humanity’ while opening mine

‘Coal is vital for the future energy needs of the world, so let’s have no demonisation of coal’ says PM

The shadow of EVEL will still hover over the Commons

Alex Salmond was on Today this morning, muttering darkly about a new betrayal of Scottish voters from Westminster leaders. He was looking ahead to this afternoon’s debate on Scotland, where MPs will among other things, discuss the new plans for further devolution promised by leaders in their ‘vow’.

Home rule for Scotland?

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