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The answer to the Ukip anger is simple: vote David Cameron

Only the Tory Party can reform the EU so that Britain has legal control of its borders


Only a Ukip/Tory pact can guarantee the defeat of Labour. Only pride prevents it

What a week for nutcases, swivel-eyed loons and fruitcakes! Not so good for Labour who came close to losing a safe seat, nor for the Tories who actually did so.

The main parties’ cowed reaction to Ukip’s success is shameful

The biggest worry is not that this “Tea Party” has got so far so fast, but that it is not being challenged any more

Who are Ukip’s new voters? The kind of people who decide elections

Don’t think of Colonel Bufton-Tufton – think of Mondeo Man and Worcester Woman

The Only Way is Ethics: Editorial independence cuts both ways

We don’t get a say in which adverts appear

UKIP becomes one of those “Westminster parties”

Now UKIP has an MP at Westminster, who has considerable experience of Westminster as a former MP, does this make UKIP one of the “Westminster parties” that are the problem according to UKIP?


Our suicidal newspapers are throwing press freedom away

The Tory papers seem to want their own human rights abolished. The leftist ones cheer when journalists are arrested. Does their civil war matter more to them than their civil liberties?

Edward Leigh MP: The mistakes by our leadership that helped UKIP gain its first MP

The Coalition must end now.

Nigel Farage takes inspiration from Al Gore

Al Gore is an unlikely source of inspiration for Ukip – in fact the party once pledged to ban the former Vice President’s controversial climate change documentary from schools, calling it dangerous global warming ‘propaganda’. But might they have more in common than either of them would care to admit?

Labour should dump Ed Miliband and find a Harold Wilson

The 40th anniversary of Harold Wilson’s last election victory offers a model of how Labour can win votes in a time of profound political change.


Yes, a great night for UKIP. But what will matter most next May is the marginals.

Which of the three main parties will it put over the line in these seats – and which, if any, could it win itself?

Clacton by-election: The Tories cannot fight for leafy areas and forget the poor

Abandoning Clacton to Ukip was an admission of defeat for a party that needs every voter it can get

Why I started the Sun’s No More Skinny campaign, and why its critics are wrong

As someone who has struggled with my weight in the past, I have an open disdain for the fashion industry


Meet John Manzoni, the new guardian of Civil Service reform

Or is he? Much will depend on how much support this businessman within Whitehall gets from No.10.

If Ed Miliband falls under a bus, who will replace him?

Ben Riley-Smith’s report in the Telegraph on Monday about Labour MPs urging Alan Johnson to launch a leadership bid has really set the cat amongst the bacon sandwiches. My understanding is that Johnson has told allies he would be prepared to accept the leadership as part of a “coronation”, but will not be part of a contest.


To statin or not to statin: a new test could help decide

In the context of the ongoing and increasingly sterile debate about the pros and cons of statins to lower cholesterol, it is refreshing to hear something new.


The NHS must learn to be smarter

Our health service is said to be ‘at breaking point’ – but it is better care, not more money, that will mend it, says Andrew Haldenby

Clegg’s schmutter, other trousers and goth colour schemes

Mostly a lot of silliness, with some analysis of opinion polls in an attempt to raise the tone

The newspapers discover freedom and the risks of snooping powers, at last

The Sun and the Mail on Sunday have been targeted using RIPA, a measure they once supported. It’s time to strike a new balance between freedom and security.

Does David Cameron realise how miserable a second term would be?

Even as the Lib Dems gear up for their party conference in Glasgow, I can’t stop thinking back to the Tory conference, and to one thing in particular. David Cameron is obviously as determined as ever to win the next election. What I can’t quite work out is why he’d want to.

Our next Prime Minister will be decided in the wards of the NHS

Inside Westminster: A tiny infectious agent could have more impact on the outcome of the next election than David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg combined

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