Who will be heading WWE after Vince McMahon?

Perhaps a question that is not addressed enough in the WWE Universe, is who is going to be the successor of Vince McMahon. And perhaps that is because of McMahon himself, who despite being 73 years old, looks ever as in control and full of vigor at the helm of his company. It would be impossible to imagine a WWE without Vince, and rightly so, but one must consider the inevitable. For despite all his virility and standing, it may be time for McMahon to step down someday because, after all, nothing in life lasts forever.

WWE legend Jim Ross, who works for All Elite Wrestling now, addressed this question a year back, which made quiet but widespread rounds of WWE news. Ross predicted Paul Levesque a.k.a Triple H, who is Vince McMahon’s son-in-law, as leading the race for being the successor to The Boss. “I think that if I’m guessing, and it’s gonna strictly be a guess, that the money would be on, probably, Paul Levesque to be Vince’s successor,” said J.R. He was also full of praise for the 14-time world champion’s character and claimed that he understood the business better than anyone else.

“I think Vince is kind of preparing him (Paul Levesque) for that in a lot of ways. You always knew that he was different from the other guys because he was very studious and very under control. He didn’t drink. No drugs. He looked to be a life early on, and he got a lot of that from being a fan all his life, growing up in the northeast, New Hampshire. Then, getting trained by Killer Kowalski, who was a great old school guy. So, I think he’s probably the heir apparent.”

However, a throwback to a few years back, it was Levesque’s wife and Vince’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon who was looking like the perfect fit for taking over the reigns from her father. She was long seen as Vince’s natural successor, the sister who outed brother Shane as the future of the WWE. Since then, Stephanie has experienced a complete turnaround in her role, favoring the work of promoting the company and helping with charity. J.R. said on Stephanie, “Stephanie is very involved and is really more of a face of WWE. She does a lot of charity work. And she’s great at that. And you got to have that in that world.” He added,

“I think Shane seems to be, apparently, content with being a TV character.

“I don’t know where his role’s gonna be going forward or what he wants it to be.”

Shane McMahon has indeed been enjoying a lot of screen time on both WWE Raw and SmackDown, as his feud against Roman Reigns took a surprising turn as The Undertaker made a shocking comeback to aid Reigns.

Nonetheless, all that being said, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if ten years from now we are still talking about Vince McMahon as the boss of the WWE. He has more vitality than most men in their primes. There have been some health concerns in the past, as well as a history of muscle surgeries and physical wear, but Vince looks healthier than most people his age. There is literally nothing stopping him from replicating Rupert Murdoch, working a full day well into his 80’s as the cult-like figurehead of his brand.

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