Why is the size of the Lawn and the Nature of the Terrain Important in string Trimmer Selection?


Well-maintained lawns look beautiful when it has well-manicured edges that show how much care the owner takes in maintaining it. While the credit for keeping the lawn in impeccable condition should go to the owner or the person in charge of maintaining it, almost the same credit should go to the splendid string trimmer that has made it possible. The role of string trimmers, though might appear quite small, is just quite crucial because had it not been for the clean looks of the bottom of the fences and other structures, the perfectness of the look that enhances the beauty of lawns would surely be missing. No lawn maintenance can be complete without string trimmers and herein lies the importance of the small but high impacting garden  equipment.

Why trimmers are indispensable

Unless you are living in a vast estate, for normal homes with a standard size of lawns, hand-held string trimmers or weed trimmers are quite useful. These trimmers work in conjunction with lawn mowers that do the heavy lifting in landscaping and grass cutting and the former providing the finer and finishing touches. The trimmers can have easy access to places that the mower is unable to reach due to its constructional features. The duo of lawn mowers and trimmers create a perfect symphony in lawn maintenance and landscaping work. To know which type of string trimmer would suit your purpose, you can refer to string trimmer reviews on the  internet.

Hand-held  trimmers

When buying trimmers, the first thing to consider is the size of the lawn and the type of terrain, which are the determining factors about the type of trimmer that would be suitable. For an average size of lawn over a plain terrain that a person can cover comfortably in a reasonable time, handheld weed trimmers are perfect. The equipment comprising of a shaft with a motor at one end and a rotating wheel with string at the other end is lightweight and easy to handle. The small cutting head allows the equipment to access remote corners for removing grass and weeds with precision. It saves time and relieves the user from the stress encountered during manual removal of weeds. It is so convenient to use the equipment that you will hardly find any home that does not use  it.

Walk behind string  trimmers

For commercial landscaping work or for maintaining larger areas across rugged and rough terrains, it is not practicable to think about using hand-held string trimmers as it would take too much time and turn out to be a very laborious exercise. In such cases, people usually prefer to use walk behind string trimmers that have robust built and high capacity necessary to negotiate the rough terrain. The trimmers that look like lawn mowers have a 4-stroke engine to supply the power and use the same string mechanism for cutting weeds and  grass.

String trimmers are indispensable gardening equipment that provides the finishing touches to landscaping by removing weeds efficiently that could otherwise hamper the growth of  grass.

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