Women Slowly Increase Their Presence In the Workforce

Photo by US Department of Labor


The Official Board, which manages one of the world’s largest databases of corporate organizational charts and executive contracts, today released its latest study on the presence of female executives at the world’s largest companies.

The study finds that there has been a modest, incremental enhancement in the presence of women in executive positions at large companies, growing 1.4 percent globally and across industry sectors since The Official Board’s last survey 18 months ago.

On a functional level, the study found that women were least represented in the Chairperson of the Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at six percent and nine percent respectively. Women are best represented functionally in the positions of Vice President, Communications and Vice President, Investor Relations positions, at 44 percent and 35 percent respectively.

Women comprise 18 percent of all senior management positions in large companies, the study found.

“On the whole, we’ve seen a modest progression of the presence of female executives at the world’s largest companies, but there remain certain industries and continents where progress remains, for a variety of factors, non-existent or negligible,” said Thomas Lot, Founder and CEO of The Official Board.

The study is the product of 18 months of research by The Official Board and assesses and reports on the presence of women in executive teams (Board, N-1, N-2) of companies with over $100 million in annual revenue.

As part of the study, The Official Board assessed the presence of women executives in 50,000 companies across 94 industry sectors in 200 countries from its real-time, proprietary executive database as of August 1, 2014.

Today’s study on the senior management presence of women at the world’s largest companies can be found on The Official Board website here: http://www.theofficialboard.com/info/women-executive-report

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