12 Best Jobs in Healthcare 2013



Biomedical Engineer, Dental Hygienist and Occupational Therapist rank as the three best health care professions, according to a new CareerCast report on the top job opportunities in health care. Other hot careers in healthcare include optometrist, physical therapist, chiropractor and speech pathologist.

“The Affordable Care Act is expected to create a wide range of new jobs in the health care industry,” says Tony Lee, publisher, CareerCast.com. “More insured people means an increase in the need for different types of health services, ranging from direct care to research and maintenance of medical records.”

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies projects 31% growth in total U.S. health care employment in the next decade, which translates to roughly 4.6 million total jobs.

For example, consider careers for medical record technicians. An increase in the number of people with health care coverage means more people accessing medical care, which in turn generates more records. A medical records technician is crucial for the day-to-day workflow within a practice.

Biomedical engineer is still a fledgling field, but those who work in this profession are on the cutting edge of the health care industry. Innovations made in biomedical engineering research will be vital through the coming decade of treatment and preventative care. And in part because of dentistry’s growing importance, dental hygienist ranks as one of CareerCast’s best jobs in health care.

Occupational and physical therapists also are expected to be in high demand over the next few years, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projections. Similarly, the demand for chiropractic care is expected to grow to assist with the health concerns of an aging population. The BLS projects 28% more working chiropractors by 2020.

“Before pursuing one of our best jobs in healthcare, as with any career, consider carefully all aspects of this industry,” advises Lee. “Research the region in which you are applying to avoid an overly competitive market and know the qualifications an employer is seeking before applying.”

With the right preparation, the healthcare industry has opportunities for a broad range of job seekers. Here are the 12 best jobs in healthcare, per the 2013 Jobs Rated report:

Profession Annual Media Salary   Projected Growth
Biomedical Engineer $86,960 62%
Dental Hygienist $70,210 38%
Occupational Therapist $75,400 33%
Optometrist $97,820 33%
Physical Therapist $79,860 39%
Chiropractor $66,160 28%
Speech Pathologist $69,870 23%
Pharmacist $116,670 25%
Podiatrist $116,440 20%
Respiratory Therapist $55,870 28%
Medical Records Technician $34,610 21%
Physician Assistant $90,930 30%

To read the full report, visit http://healthcare.careercast.com/article/best-healthcare-jobs-2013

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