Another Obamacare Navigator is Terminated

By Veritas, Special for USDR.

Today Project Veritas released a fourth investigative video reporting an additional Obamacare navigator has been terminated and exposing more Obamacare navigators counseling applicants to lie and cheat the federal health care system.


As the video shows, Kris McKray, an Obamacare Navigator, was “let go” and no longer works at Change Happens Texas. When inquiring about why McKray was let go, Change Happens Humane Resources employee Deborah Veals said, “There is a reason why he has been terminated.”

The video also shows another Obamacare counselor, Maria Castro, advising Project Veritas undercover investigator and potential Obamacare enrollee, stating, “don’t claim that on your taxes, there’s no proof.”

When Project Veritas inquired about Maria’s conduct, Catherine Bradley, Media Relations Supervisor at Parkland Hospital, refused to comment but stated they are prepared to give a statement to other media should they be contacted.

The investigation goes further to show another Obamacare certified counselor, Tom Bertwanger, counseling Project Veritas undercover investigator and potential Obamacare enrollee to “ just keep it real quiet.” In response to the video, Aids Outreach Center Executive Director Shannon Hilgart said, “It is absolutely not ok, never (to defraud the federal government).”

This is the fourth video investigation into Obamacare fraud. Congressman Pete Sessions just announced a Congressional Hearing will be held as a result of Project Veritas’ video investigations into Obamacare fraud.

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