CCleaner Professional plus Review

You must remember the speed of your computer when you first got it. You could browse the internet at a very fast speed. The programs also start very quickly. However, you may also have noticed that with the passage of time, these simple programs start to get over in speed and your frustration level went through the  roof.

Thisis because, as you use your computer, it becomes accumulated with unneeded files. This junk causes your computer to slow down and even crashed.

What can you  do?

You can probably think of replacing your PC with hundredsof dollars, or you can simply install CCleaner, also known as ‘Crap Cleaner.’It is a fast and affordable solution that over 250 million people have already turned to  it.

  1. CCleaner professional cleans the junk from your computer in seconds.
  2. It also protects your privacy by cleaning your history thoroughly so that all your data stays confidential.
  3. It potentially comes with complete system cleaning of all users’ accounts in your computer with thereal-time system and browser monitoring and scheduling. You have full over how and when your computer is cleaned.

CCleaner Professional  Plus

  1. Cleaner  Tab:

When you open it up, you will see the cleaner tab under which there is windows and applications tab. The windows tab is quite straightforward. It has all that is installed in it. You can run it and analyses through the CCleaner. The application section includes all the software’s that you have downloaded, anything from your browsers to applications, utilities,  etc.

  1. Registry:

In registry section, you can scan for issues because the issues with theregistry are common. But, you can fix those issues by clicking the ‘fix selected issues.’ Then you must agree with the changes that it will cause your back up. It is useful just in case of any  mistake.

  1. Tools:

Next, you have is your tool section. You got many options in here. The first one is the uninstallation option where you can rename, repair, delete,etc. options. After this the startup option that shows you the programs that run when you start up your  computer.

After this, you have Browerpluginwhere you have the extension that you have added to  it.

The next thing is the disk analyses;here you decide which disk you want to scan the folders that hold most space and those that you need to  delete.

Duplicate finder comes with folders that can be deleted to make breathing room for your stuff. System restore also serves the same purpose as aduplicate finder. In the end, you have the option of drive wiperwhose function is evident from its  name.

  1. Options:

It has all your basic settings that control how the CCleaner  functions.

Advance Features in CCleaner Professional  Plus

CCleaner has many other versions. But so far, the best one is probably the Ccleaner Professional Plus. The Ccleaner Professional plus Review tells that Ccleaner as becoming very advanced in its features. Following are the prominent feature changes in this new  version:

  1. It can now even update itself automatically. So, you have got the best cleaning source on your computer, laptop,and smartphone system.
  2. It also comes with a priority email support. So, if you got a question, then you can seek help from our professionals.

As evident from the above explanation, the CCleaner Professional Plus brings that new PC feeling back to your computer system. It helps you clean your system. You can use it before scanning with any kind of anti-virus or anti-malware  application.

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